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Monthly Archives: December 2010

I’m sorry I haven’t posted jack but hey I’m out to lunch. Most likely out to Don Quixote for some pop pop bang bang! Last time to purchase sparklers and fountains. I’m on trip number 16. Firecrackers still legal next year (how come firecrackers can’t be used in church? Just thinking. My funeral you better pop choke!). Ban is stupid but i think its gonna be reversed in 5 years. Be safe and sane!


For Christmas I got abs and babes! Nah. I still got only ab. What did you get?

Have a song from Mark!

I was suppose to post this before Sunday 19th’s services but I didn’t. My bad. That was a rainy day too and I kinda didn’t want to go church that day, but I went because I have to celebrate Jesus Birthday. Had spanish rolls and donuts too! Mean. Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The day before we celebrate the birth in the manger of Baby Jesus. My buddy Kei is doing Christmas Eve services for our church at LCC. Stop by and enjoy Jesus’ love. I’m told that if you go Christmas Eve you get a pass to not go church Sunday. Sounds like a good deal! No matter where you go or what you do thank God for sending his Son. Amen.

With love, lofa.

I don’t know why I like this so much but if I’m in Ala Moana and its near that time I go. At 6,7,8pm every night during Christmas the mall puts on a show with the huge tree set to music. Lots of people just tired of walking around the mall always enjoy it. Me too. My pics suck but I tried. Go check it out before they end it on New Years Day.

I’m a cheap date! A gyro from the Fat Greek would be nice afterwards!

I wish they would use Ding Fries Are Done as the song

but it’s gone too far but you know it don’t matter anyway.

SOMEONE OR SOMETHING TRYING TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM THE INTERNETS!!!!!! I aint joking. It is Festivus so let the airing of grievances begin, followed by my feat of strength! First my trackpad on my mac acts janky during class. Booo! Then my Hele not working in class. Double boo! Take my modem to Mobi-they say “oh its working on MY COMP!”. I say I got Apple appointment. Let me have them look and I come back. Apple says they gotta reboot a program and I might loose everything. I go home and back it up on my external hard drive. Come back the next day. Apple can’t figure out what wrong with modem. They put it in on new mac and they tell me program in modem corrupted. I go to a different Mobi. They say oh you missing the program. Link on my net passport. Download program. Everything is CHEE! Go home and I get SICK! I got super runny nose and im feeling cold and body hurts. Stayed up all night cus I couldn’t sleep and was singing Christmas songs all night long in my head. I realize I took a nondrowsy med that keeps me up. I say screw it and start cleaning up my room and inhaling Vapor Rub all night long. 5:30am I’m finally sleepy and get a few hours sleep. Get lazy and barely go pick up my Christmas cards and want something make me feel good. End up going Zippy’s and try eat some portagee bean soup. IT WORKS! Feel good. Then I go home and the soup wares off! BOOO! I don’t care. It’s still been a great holiday season. I’m stoked for Jesus Birthday. I still gonna try play poker tonight (hopefully, unless I decide to put on the panties). I wish someone would sing soft kitty to me. Gotta wait till tomorrow maybe. Here’s my list of people I would like to sing soft kitty to me: Lucy Liu, Sandra Bullock, Grace Park, Jamie Chung, Cho Chang from Harry Potter, Your mom, Ming Na, and Kaley Cuoco. PS. I LOVE BIG BANG THEORY! Soft kitty please!

I got hella posts that I’m gonna bang out cus nobody gonna ruin my Christmas spirit! On a serious note I almost got banged two times while driving last night by the same person and I’m still pretty chipper. Strange.

Feat of strength would be ‘ulu maika rolling!

The heavy rains led to this

because it caused this

Glad it spared Leilow and Kicks/Hi!!!!!!

Was weird to see half the mall shut down while the other half was business as usual.

Here’s the Apple store letting one person in at a time. They let people in but you couldn’t buy nothing. They just put you on a waiting list for when the power comes back on you got next kinda steeze. Take the hint and shut the doors and send them to Kahala or Waikiki. Glad I fixed my mac before this went down.

I remember working at Ala Moana and the power went out. The mall kicked everyone out. I had to close shop and make sure EVERYTHING was closed. Stoked to leave early. Sucked to recover the business mess the next day. This power outage different cus it was selective. Some stores was powerless but took cash only sales with flashlights. Others made tables at the door but didn’t let nobody in. On one of the busiest shopping days too. Lots of loot lost. This store was open right across from Apple.

I’m so gonna bite this idea. Kung Hee Fat Choy Christmas tree in my future!

I didn’t want to post this with that other post (STAY CLEAN AND SOBER!) but I need something happy on here. Besides Anthony Bourdain cracks jokes and brings levity to the party, why not me too. Was emptying my camera so I could take dope pics and have space on my SD card. Here’s some things I experienced this month.

World of Dance Hawaii. Big ups to those homies. Gotta say not my scene, but the bboys showed up and made it my scene. Then the dancers supported and bought choke stuff from the Lightsleepers booth. WORD! WOD! WORD!

Kavet the Catalyst spinning breaks. The one thing I always need is pictures of people doing their craft. One thing I STILL don’t have is a pic of Kavet rapping in hi res. (Jerico I didn’t check the disc yet). Sometimes I try but my equipment cockblocks me. Gotta stick to the professionals. Then again I swear they took pics I need but I don’t know where stay. My photogs list includes Honozooloo, John Hook, JPecson, Mr. J All Day, Lester, and OVF2K if he would take photos again. Thanks guys. See why I need you. Look how grainy my pic is. Still room for more.

Got to go to a company Christmas party at Tanaka of Tokyo (reviewed on Yelp!). Food was good. Free always good. Was worried was gonna leave hungry but I was good. Made my own kine donburi with teri chicken. Put it on my rice. They give you small bowl so I asked for refill and made garlic steak donburi with it. But the chef was entertaining, funny, and played with fire!

Chef’s name was Kevin. Got jokes and made the shrimp do the dougie. I know he related to someone I know or something. Let’s try the Kevin Bacon thing. If you know him tell him you seen him on here. He always cheesing for the camera.

Das all for now. I shoulda ate lunch before this post. Now I want steak.

Disclamer: Lofa, Lofa is a Sexy Beast, Lightsleepers Polyaesthetics, and who or whatever is link is associated with this site IN NO WAY CONDONES, APPROVES, OR SUGGESTS YOU SHOULD DO DRUGS OF ANYKIND!!!! Stay sober my friend. Just say no! -With love, Lofa

On with the show. Yesterday I crammed a semester class into a 24hr timeframe. Subject: SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Now certain schools accept these online tests that if you pass they give you credit for taking a regular class. Kinda like passing GED but instead of getting diploma you get to skip the class. I made my appointment at noon, bought some online flashcards for $20, studied for four hours but had to stop for my last class at school. The next day get up, cram for six hours, go to the testing spot and BARELY pass the class by two or three answers. I saved $1500 CHEE! The bad thing was as much as the flashcards helped me the answers came from me hanging out with homies that use drugs and songs I listen too. Made me glad I passed but sad about how I knew the answers. Frick I only know about peyote because I think 2mex might have a reference in a song. But I passed the alcohol, weed, hallucinogens, and inhalants all because of my homies that do/did those things. But music always helps too! Examples: J-Boog cover of Ganja Farmer (Ganja was an actual answer to TWO questions!).

Exhibit B: Lootpack Weededed

(good excuse to post LP! I don’t need no weed for my cyphers, just courage and real homies)

Exhibit Don’t Watch this if you don’t wanna see junkies shooting up: Necro I Need Drugs

I could go on and on with the songs. Glad I only listen to the music and can’t RELATE to the music. If your my friend that taught me the info for the tests thanks, but I wish you would stop, but you still my homie.

Stay clean please!

Well its finals time for many college students before they try to head home and recover from homesickness. Fortunately I’m smart and stayed home. Unfortunately I find my self wasting away in front of my laptop cranking out essays loaded with fluff and bs. I usally turn the tv on and watch Sunrise because its funny yet lets me know what the surf is gonna be like. But lately my mind goes so numb that I don’t even know what I’m watching (I just can’t study with silence….it’s boring). Luckily I score with my tv set to watch Dr. Oz. He got some great tips to improve your life. He’s the ONLY thing Oprah got right (I’m glad her show is gonna be over!). Check out this at home steeze. I’m gonna get my balance in check. Good for the brain. Get me them A’s!

Instant At-Home Tests You Need, Pt. 1

More at

this has got to be the start of the greatest holiday seasons I have ever experienced so far. I got a phone call from my sister who I haven’t talked to in almost ten years. My grandparents almost get scammed because of some email spam my grandma loves to spread but I foiled the asshole/s plans and hopefully the popos catch them crooks. And I’m still craving my turkey I cooked this thanksgiving. Great. Now I’m used to not getting gifts for a while now. I’ll get small stuff from your friends every now and then, but I never get gifts for Christmas. My friends are the greatest and I usually get blessed YEAR ROUND. Free shirts, UH Football tickets, platelunches, art, stickers, toys, you name it. But Christmas day I never look for something under the tree. This year I got the hook up early. First I got Mario Cart for my Wii (thanks rotch!). Then I got some gouda/luchini from my grandparents (WOOHOO! AND THE FACT THAT THEY WAS GONNA WIRE A GRIP BECAUSE I WAS IN NEED SHOWS LOVE! I’m ok. Not in an accident in New Jersey with two bridesmades in the hospital. If you get that phonecall get the number to wire the cash then call Crimestoppers and earn yourself a G!). Then Vezzen comes CLUTCH and brings me the new Giant Robot with Luke Chueh on the cover! WIN! I LOVE GR! I would subscribe if the mailman wouldn’t mess it up in my mailbox. I rather buy a crispy edition from the bookstore. This issue was cool. Mr. Hahn from Linkin Park/Suru. Luke’s article. Shinji Aramaki of Mospeda/Robotech/Transformers/Appleseed/Halo Legend etc. So dope. Good read. Not for bathroom cus the humidity will curl the pages. Eric/Martin if you reading this I hope to one day be on the pages. I dunno what for but even if its for one of those top fives I would be elated!

I am a simple man. If I was a girl I don’t think I would be high maintenance. GO BUY A COPY! Support the homies!