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Shin Tanaka is a great artist! Hands down one of the best papercrafters I have seen, and one of the ORIGINAL ones. Remember paper AF-1s? That was him. Well he and his wife Naoko are having a show called Love Movement in San Francisco. With the help of their buddy putting the show together they are trying to fundraise for their plane tickets to the show. For ten bucks you get the download pdf to the toys pictured above. Shin has other cool things like your name in a bubble letter file for your facebook or twitter for $25 plus the download. Or for a bill he’ll paint you and your sweeties name on the wall of the Love Movement so all can see PLUS the bubble letter name plus the download and a tshirt. I think that’s original and brownie points too! Maybe a panty dropper? If you in Frisco and you going to the show maybe you should do it!

Shin Tanaka has always been nothing but helpful and friendly to me. I have never met him in person, but every time I’ve asked him for something he’s always been happy to help. He gave me permission to use his Wallman toy for the Wallman Project and designed a t-shirt and the flyer for the event. When I had my slippah show he mailed me a customized pair from Japan. I figure it’s only right that I return his favor and humbly ask on his and his wife’s behalf for your financial support. At least buy a toy for $10 and go to his website and download ALL the other toys he has for free and get your moneys worth!

Read more about the fundraiser on Vinyl Pulse and donate here

Shin’s website at