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Well all the Jewish people are celebrating their 8 crazy nights right now. Today is day three. Gold coins and tops a spinning. My great grandmother was Jewish I think, so my haole family don’t celebrate Hanukkah (we found our Messiah, was born in a manger, His name Jesus) cus we Christmas people, but for some reason my grandma rocks mean Jewish food every now and then. She also makes two things that I love that I gotta thank the Jews for, fried Matzo and potato latkes (I like yarmulkes too cus they look funny but you don’t eat those). Any time Hanukkah comes around I miss those two. I’m kinda getting the hang of making fried Matzo but latkes elude me. Crap my mom won’t even make those and she’s a good cook so what makes me worthy of rocking them? Pass the sour cream please! Well have some pics as I reminisce over you. *horn sample from T.R.O.Y here*

I only know they got potato and onion. One more for my to master list. Gotta put something in turkey’s place cus I murder them in the oven no problem.

I was gonna put Adam Sandler Hanukkah song but I found this diddy from Matisyahu. Maybe Gov. Linda Lingle rocks out to this song? (thanks Linda for your service. I’m worried all these DONKEYS voted for NEIL. Hipster governor aint gonna be cool when the state turns to crap! I hope not! Pray hard).