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I don’t know why but I love going to the Disney store. I never buy anything that isn’t on sale. And I just feel bad that I can’t go to Disneyland every time I’m in the Disney store. I want clam chowder bowls and ride Pirates of the Caribbean! Well today I went and seen that they had buy one plush get one plush free. No matter what size buy one get second one equal or cheaper price for free. The in store sign also said they will donate a third plush to charity as well. This is perfect for people trying to stretch the money (Octomom only needs to buy four and the other keikis will be taken care of by Mickey Mouse!). If you buying for Toys for Tots or some other charity you can get twice as many for your money. Or you could get one as a gift for someone and one as a donation. I always say I don’t like plush because you gotta vacuum and keep the dust off of them. But they sometimes come with the dopeness. Had my eye on Sebastian but I didn’t grab him. Look how dope he is (someone else’s pic).

I seen him and wanted to yell “Strings!”. Then I remember I don’t think I got Little Mermaid on DVD. Then I thought how could I not get the only Disney movie with a boto on the cover (old one got, new ones no more). I gotta get a copy.

Is there a bouncy ball version. Ashley Tisdale version wasn’t that bad but as one comment put it “I prefer the Jamaican crab”.