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While shopping at WalMart I found these bad boys. Round Holiday Cokes. They had Sprite ones too with Christmas trees on them but they was sold out. I guess they’ve been making these every Christmas since ’08. Trying to out do Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Tastewise-NO. Designwise-YES!

The cost about a buck a bottle. Smaller than the normal 16oz but you pay for holiday wonder! Tell me a box of these wouldn’t beckon you to buy at least one. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer. Crap you could get one of these and that’s all and be stoked. Coke has been rocking Santa since before I was born. Check out this dope ad I found while trying to look for pics before breaking down and flicking my own bottles (yeah I didn’t steal the first one…..second one is jacked….sorry?)

I think I would decorate my christmas tree with some cokes! And drink them on New Years while I blast my fireworks!