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this has got to be the start of the greatest holiday seasons I have ever experienced so far. I got a phone call from my sister who I haven’t talked to in almost ten years. My grandparents almost get scammed because of some email spam my grandma loves to spread but I foiled the asshole/s plans and hopefully the popos catch them crooks. And I’m still craving my turkey I cooked this thanksgiving. Great. Now I’m used to not getting gifts for a while now. I’ll get small stuff from your friends every now and then, but I never get gifts for Christmas. My friends are the greatest and I usually get blessed YEAR ROUND. Free shirts, UH Football tickets, platelunches, art, stickers, toys, you name it. But Christmas day I never look for something under the tree. This year I got the hook up early. First I got Mario Cart for my Wii (thanks rotch!). Then I got some gouda/luchini from my grandparents (WOOHOO! AND THE FACT THAT THEY WAS GONNA WIRE A GRIP BECAUSE I WAS IN NEED SHOWS LOVE! I’m ok. Not in an accident in New Jersey with two bridesmades in the hospital. If you get that phonecall get the number to wire the cash then call Crimestoppers and earn yourself a G!). Then Vezzen comes CLUTCH and brings me the new Giant Robot with Luke Chueh on the cover! WIN! I LOVE GR! I would subscribe if the mailman wouldn’t mess it up in my mailbox. I rather buy a crispy edition from the bookstore. This issue was cool. Mr. Hahn from Linkin Park/Suru. Luke’s article. Shinji Aramaki of Mospeda/Robotech/Transformers/Appleseed/Halo Legend etc. So dope. Good read. Not for bathroom cus the humidity will curl the pages. Eric/Martin if you reading this I hope to one day be on the pages. I dunno what for but even if its for one of those top fives I would be elated!

I am a simple man. If I was a girl I don’t think I would be high maintenance. GO BUY A COPY! Support the homies!