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Well its finals time for many college students before they try to head home and recover from homesickness. Fortunately I’m smart and stayed home. Unfortunately I find my self wasting away in front of my laptop cranking out essays loaded with fluff and bs. I usally turn the tv on and watch Sunrise because its funny yet lets me know what the surf is gonna be like. But lately my mind goes so numb that I don’t even know what I’m watching (I just can’t study with silence….it’s boring). Luckily I score with my tv set to watch Dr. Oz. He got some great tips to improve your life. He’s the ONLY thing Oprah got right (I’m glad her show is gonna be over!). Check out this at home steeze. I’m gonna get my balance in check. Good for the brain. Get me them A’s!

Instant At-Home Tests You Need, Pt. 1

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