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I didn’t want to post this with that other post (STAY CLEAN AND SOBER!) but I need something happy on here. Besides Anthony Bourdain cracks jokes and brings levity to the party, why not me too. Was emptying my camera so I could take dope pics and have space on my SD card. Here’s some things I experienced this month.

World of Dance Hawaii. Big ups to those homies. Gotta say not my scene, but the bboys showed up and made it my scene. Then the dancers supported and bought choke stuff from the Lightsleepers booth. WORD! WOD! WORD!

Kavet the Catalyst spinning breaks. The one thing I always need is pictures of people doing their craft. One thing I STILL don’t have is a pic of Kavet rapping in hi res. (Jerico I didn’t check the disc yet). Sometimes I try but my equipment cockblocks me. Gotta stick to the professionals. Then again I swear they took pics I need but I don’t know where stay. My photogs list includes Honozooloo, John Hook, JPecson, Mr. J All Day, Lester, and OVF2K if he would take photos again. Thanks guys. See why I need you. Look how grainy my pic is. Still room for more.

Got to go to a company Christmas party at Tanaka of Tokyo (reviewed on Yelp!). Food was good. Free always good. Was worried was gonna leave hungry but I was good. Made my own kine donburi with teri chicken. Put it on my rice. They give you small bowl so I asked for refill and made garlic steak donburi with it. But the chef was entertaining, funny, and played with fire!

Chef’s name was Kevin. Got jokes and made the shrimp do the dougie. I know he related to someone I know or something. Let’s try the Kevin Bacon thing. If you know him tell him you seen him on here. He always cheesing for the camera.

Das all for now. I shoulda ate lunch before this post. Now I want steak.