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Disclamer: Lofa, Lofa is a Sexy Beast, Lightsleepers Polyaesthetics, and who or whatever is link is associated with this site IN NO WAY CONDONES, APPROVES, OR SUGGESTS YOU SHOULD DO DRUGS OF ANYKIND!!!! Stay sober my friend. Just say no! -With love, Lofa

On with the show. Yesterday I crammed a semester class into a 24hr timeframe. Subject: SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Now certain schools accept these online tests that if you pass they give you credit for taking a regular class. Kinda like passing GED but instead of getting diploma you get to skip the class. I made my appointment at noon, bought some online flashcards for $20, studied for four hours but had to stop for my last class at school. The next day get up, cram for six hours, go to the testing spot and BARELY pass the class by two or three answers. I saved $1500 CHEE! The bad thing was as much as the flashcards helped me the answers came from me hanging out with homies that use drugs and songs I listen too. Made me glad I passed but sad about how I knew the answers. Frick I only know about peyote because I think 2mex might have a reference in a song. But I passed the alcohol, weed, hallucinogens, and inhalants all because of my homies that do/did those things. But music always helps too! Examples: J-Boog cover of Ganja Farmer (Ganja was an actual answer to TWO questions!).

Exhibit B: Lootpack Weededed

(good excuse to post LP! I don’t need no weed for my cyphers, just courage and real homies)

Exhibit Don’t Watch this if you don’t wanna see junkies shooting up: Necro I Need Drugs

I could go on and on with the songs. Glad I only listen to the music and can’t RELATE to the music. If your my friend that taught me the info for the tests thanks, but I wish you would stop, but you still my homie.

Stay clean please!