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The heavy rains led to this

because it caused this

Glad it spared Leilow and Kicks/Hi!!!!!!

Was weird to see half the mall shut down while the other half was business as usual.

Here’s the Apple store letting one person in at a time. They let people in but you couldn’t buy nothing. They just put you on a waiting list for when the power comes back on you got next kinda steeze. Take the hint and shut the doors and send them to Kahala or Waikiki. Glad I fixed my mac before this went down.

I remember working at Ala Moana and the power went out. The mall kicked everyone out. I had to close shop and make sure EVERYTHING was closed. Stoked to leave early. Sucked to recover the business mess the next day. This power outage different cus it was selective. Some stores was powerless but took cash only sales with flashlights. Others made tables at the door but didn’t let nobody in. On one of the busiest shopping days too. Lots of loot lost. This store was open right across from Apple.

I’m so gonna bite this idea. Kung Hee Fat Choy Christmas tree in my future!