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but it’s gone too far but you know it don’t matter anyway.

SOMEONE OR SOMETHING TRYING TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM THE INTERNETS!!!!!! I aint joking. It is Festivus so let the airing of grievances begin, followed by my feat of strength! First my trackpad on my mac acts janky during class. Booo! Then my Hele not working in class. Double boo! Take my modem to Mobi-they say “oh its working on MY COMP!”. I say I got Apple appointment. Let me have them look and I come back. Apple says they gotta reboot a program and I might loose everything. I go home and back it up on my external hard drive. Come back the next day. Apple can’t figure out what wrong with modem. They put it in on new mac and they tell me program in modem corrupted. I go to a different Mobi. They say oh you missing the program. Link on my net passport. Download program. Everything is CHEE! Go home and I get SICK! I got super runny nose and im feeling cold and body hurts. Stayed up all night cus I couldn’t sleep and was singing Christmas songs all night long in my head. I realize I took a nondrowsy med that keeps me up. I say screw it and start cleaning up my room and inhaling Vapor Rub all night long. 5:30am I’m finally sleepy and get a few hours sleep. Get lazy and barely go pick up my Christmas cards and want something make me feel good. End up going Zippy’s and try eat some portagee bean soup. IT WORKS! Feel good. Then I go home and the soup wares off! BOOO! I don’t care. It’s still been a great holiday season. I’m stoked for Jesus Birthday. I still gonna try play poker tonight (hopefully, unless I decide to put on the panties). I wish someone would sing soft kitty to me. Gotta wait till tomorrow maybe. Here’s my list of people I would like to sing soft kitty to me: Lucy Liu, Sandra Bullock, Grace Park, Jamie Chung, Cho Chang from Harry Potter, Your mom, Ming Na, and Kaley Cuoco. PS. I LOVE BIG BANG THEORY! Soft kitty please!

I got hella posts that I’m gonna bang out cus nobody gonna ruin my Christmas spirit! On a serious note I almost got banged two times while driving last night by the same person and I’m still pretty chipper. Strange.

Feat of strength would be ‘ulu maika rolling!