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Monthly Archives: January 2011

This lion got steeze, like b-boys with sick tops.

Choy Cheng tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night the Lightsleepers tribe along with Loft in Space and Fresh Cafe will be having Mutants, Misfits, & the Mighty. An art show featuring people’s interpretations of what they enjoyed as a keiki and solid hiphop provided by DJ Bumblebee, DJ Observ, Kavet the Catalyst, and Vezzen. Now I haven’t put together an actual art show together for a while. There were events like Trip the Lights and Beatroot (rRed Elephant/Studio1 days) where the art complemented the event and the artists brought their own stuff, nothing really set up. Then there were the days I used to do events such as the legal wall for First Fridays (thanks Arts at Marks) and my most fav were when I was working for the movie promotions company doing events for Spiderman 2 and Lords of Dogtown (here’s the Dogtown wall)
Then there were the group shows. Wallman Project, Four Eyed Fish, Da slippah show, Deck the Halls, all great. The one thing that made it all great was the support of my friends. I’m blessed to be surrounded by super talented people. Mutants, Misfits, & the Mighty was suppose to happen in December but the artists needed more time, hence the push back to Monday night. Usually the fastest I could put a group show or themed show together is about six months to a year. This show less than 2 months is a stretch. Now today is the day before the show and here I am calling artists, picking up pieces, and getting ready for Monday. From what I’ve seen so far this show is shaping up to be dope. I invited over 70 people to submit a piece. But with any show you have a fair amount of people unable to finish or send one in, that’s a given. But some people shock the crap out of me. Here’s some previews for tomorrow.

Carlos Aguilar “In Search Of…” $100

Spel Oner “Von Doom” NFS

Well back to the grind. See you all tomorrow at Fresh Cafe. Come chill, listen to good music, see dope art, have some italian soda or coffee and a sandwich from the cafe and have fun!


Jeremy Fish. Read about it on

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s a pic of my board. I haven’t used it in almost two weeks. As soon as I got over my flu and was ready to jump in the rain comes tumbling in. My sister always told me not to go beach after a hard rain. I surf anykine WHILE it’s raining but never when it’s storming. After all the recent heavy rains I get news that choke sewer spills kept me out. Then today they closing beaches because of medical biohazard waste? How that got in the water? Dear Jesus help the waters become clean and safe please. AMEN!

ps. Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Hopefully!

12ozprophet-home of graffiti forums that demonstrated Hawai’i is full of haters so bad that the Hawai’i forum was shut down…..TWICE! They also produced the Also Known As books. Making shirts with Futura-legend known for his pointmen and crazy can control and unique handstyle. They releasing some shirts soon. They made a teaser video. I gotta step up my handstyles seriously.

The folks at Interisland Terminal starting the year of with this collab with Moleskine. Now on the real I’m all about rocking a $.99 composition book, but some people swear by these books. Now I’m on edge about the pages having the squares but I can see them coming in handy if you drafting or drawing blueprints. The real reason I’m posting this is because I love the cover design. Took me a while but man this is one of the DOPEST renditions of the Hawaiian Islands. I would love this on a shirt or a sticker. If you are into Moleskine books then pick one up. If it will help Interisland Terminal do more dope things like the Reedspace HI Pop Up shop then pick two up!

You can order it from

Shout out to Sarah and the crew. Can’t wait to see what you got up your sleeve!

via KidRobot

Jesse Hernandez just released pics of his now Shadow editions of his Ozomahtli and Mictlan figures. Ozomahtli coming soon. Mictlan is a Japan exclusive. Two of the dopest toys to come out recently. I want to start collecting every colorway of the Mictlan.

Check out his website at

Don’t sleep on Jesse Hernandez!

Woke up this morning and seen the battle is on. The minute I decide to somehow get an iPhone4 the announce this. I hope this helps me get leverage with my phone plans. At&t lost the only thing holding me to their company. But I gotta wait and see. Phones don’t seem to offer the same things. But I hate dropped calls on the 3G i already use now. Boooo! When did Verizon get the nickname Big Red?

I love shopping for things after Christmas. Super cheap. People giving crazy discounts to make room for Valentine’s Day. I wonder if people would get offended getting Christmas Snickers for Vday. Same thing, save money, more to spend on other things. Well one of my favorite stores called Lego had some things on sale (midi imperial star destroyers for $21 aint bad), but the thing that caught my eye was the release of the new Series 3 minifigure blindbags. I’m finally over my obsession of trying to collect sets and just want the ones I want. Here’s the series lineup pic.

I really wanted the Indian Chief. So off to digging I did. I grabbed three bags with some feely feely skills. I found the Chief, the Samurai Warrior, and the Mummy. I’m super happy. I still want the Space Alien but then I’m done. I think I’ll shop ebay for it cus I don’t want to spend money looking for it. I actually did well with Series 2 (I still need the Spartan, the Pharaoh, and Dracula) and Series 1 looks like doodoo (I only like the robot and maybe the wrestler and the zombie but not must haves).

Check out this full review of Series 3 including box ratios here
I gotta reconfigure my room so I can start growing my Lego collection.