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Happy 2011! This year is gonna be superdope! Claiming it now in Jesus name! But let’s look back at some of highlights from your favorite Sexy Beast. In no particular order. Roll tape!

Great shows. Murs, Mayer Hawthorne, Nas, Brother Ali, Blue Scholars, so many I enjoyed, so little space on my blog. Not to mention the shows KTC put together like the return of Trip The Lights and Omega 6 doing his killer medley.

HellaFlush Aloha Kings. Glad we missed the tsunami scare. Stoked to see a lightsleepers sticker on a car.

Cruising around the island with my pinoy posse. Shrimp trucking, ‘Iolani Palace touring ma ka ‘olelo Hawai’i, visiting my dad at Punchbowl, Waikiki partys, La’ie point, Matsumoto’s, family fun.

My only UH Football and Wahine Volleyball games. Mahalo’s to the Pecson’s for a great time!

Timer’s Dunny release. Not his first commercial release but bigger than his Stitch in my opinion.

My first trip on Tour De Trash Honolulu. Will go again this year. Really would like a job on the green side if possible. Hilton really impressed me with their recycling.

Camped for condo buyers two times this year. Made really good money doing it. Koa Ridge I will be ready to camp again, and maybe even camp for myself!

Lightsleepers Maui Tour. Sam Sato’s. Request Music. 180boardshop/808AllDay. Da Kitchen. Krispy Kreme.

Eric Ripert sending me an autographed photo. I said MY highlights. I really like this one.

Black Friday stomping Best Buy, Fitted, Waikele, and Target.

Kaua’i vacation. Mahalo’s to the Simonetti’s. Hamura’s. Hanalei Pier. Tubing. Chickens. Charburgers.

Hype 5-0 on ABDC. Putting Hawai’i on the map for dancing. Thanks guys.

B-boy jams. B-boy City, Mighty4, Inertia7, Tricks IV Treats, WOD.

Lightsleepers Pop-up store 2. Thanks Split Obsession. Thanks Waialua Sodaworks, Katch1, Angry Woes, Peekaboo Monster, Hachi, Spel, TYO Toys, Friends 4 Your Space, Silent Stage Gallery, and the pin guys in SD. Microsuede pillows, Katch1 LS truck, and sticker/pin packs made me happy. Already working on my next project.

Reedspace HI/Jeff Staple lecture. Good perspective giver. I still like houndstooth.

Cali in July. Hanging out with old friends. Making new friends. Kicking it with the Dissizit crew. Universal Studios. SDCC. Little Italy. I can go on for days about this. Super huge highlights include meeting Stan Lee, almost getting interviewed by Olivia Munn, Grace Park smiling at me then standing next to me wearing a Guy Fox mask, Dave Choe drawing me a munko doodooing on canvas, and Tracy Tubera’s gift of his Wild Grinders toy signed by him and Rob Dyrdek only scratch the surface of my happy memories. If I was Peter Pan this would help me fly.

Pipeline Masters Bodyboarding comp 2010 with cameo by Mike Stewart. Mean. Doing it again Klein!

Also gotta say we lost a lot of people this past year as well. Livicated to High Chief XL, Kenny Brimer, Solomon Recca, Captain Phil Harris, Eyedea, Guru, Mayor Frank Fasi, Andy Irons, Gregory Isaacs, and everyone else who will be missed.

Man I had a pretty decent year. Here’s to a kick ass 2011 that will top this ten fold. Praying that the new year will be full of joy and blessings for you and your family. God Bless.

With love, lofa.