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I hate having appointments dictate your day. Today was waiting for the Sears repairman. My washer was acting funky before New Years and locked my clothes inside with water and wouldn’t work. After a few hours of messing with it I finally unlocked my clothes and went laundry mat. The washer has been ok since but I still had the repair man come asap, 3 weeks later? Shiet. Well he came today and ran the tests and rebooted the cpu. Should be ok but if not he’s coming back for sure. I miss the old top loading washer we had. Worked better and broke down less. Thought HE washers was gonna be legit. They work ok. But if your old school one is working great keep it going. The major problem I had with my old one was breaking the dial knob, but would swap it out and good to go!

Things I learned today are make sure you get the Sears extended warranty. The Sears guy said the newer washers always need maintenance with all the upgraded electronics and its common for error codes NONSTOP. Second-use that washing machine cleaner once a month. The salesman didn’t tell us-the REPAIR man did, I call shinanigans on SEARS! You wonder why your sales are declining. Third-keep your door open after you wash till its totally dry. The engineer didn’t think that one all the way through…less water…more rituals. Oh well.

Being stuck at home makes me feel like that kid singing the rainy day song on Sesame Street. No rain. Just repair woes.

Sidenote: You people in Nalo told to get rid of washing machines cus you don’t have correct sewage drains getting evicted cus you didn’t listen, I know it sucks to go laundry mat, but it’s better than eviction.