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look through both and then you have the wax of life! Ok this post kills me to do but hey I gotta build up my digging karma. Hungry Ear Records in Kailua (right next to McDonald’s) starting the new year right with a store wide sale. Word. The best part is they giving FREE WAX to everyone! Say wha? Now I never post any record sale or say anything until I actually had a good search. Unfortunately I didn’t have chance to go today. But shupana believe I be there first thing in the morning. Don’t Sleep! And if you went today I hope you had blurry vision and left a jem behind for me!

I actually got some falsetto kachikachi hankering so I hope I find some Darren Benitez. Been watching the Pakele Live episode he performed and it makes me happy. I actually gotta look for a cd cus I don’t think he got wax but for sure im heading strait to the wax bins first.