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As of right now the doors to Hungry Ear in Kailua just opened. Free wax (5 records under $4 free per person) is super dope. Now I’m not the greatest music expert but there’s a few things that I do like including B-boy breaks, Hawaiian jams, and BOOTY MUSIC! I paid for Yellowman “King Yellowman” album and East Flatbush Projects “Tried by 12” single on wax. Here’s what I scooped. Hows my photobooth camera skills……mean…..nope!

Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band Vol. 1 – my pick “Moonlight Lady”

If I was a drinker this would be the song I would be drinking to right before I pass out. You know when you drinking the ass part of the beer bottle. I don’t drink so I don’t really know, but this song is screaming for a Sunday afternoon with a hibachi full of steak, portagee sausage, and oysters. Soon come!

Brothers Caz Proud Family – my pick “Tropical Baby”

If I was Japanese I would love J-pop. Fortunately He Hawai’i au! No laila pono no au e ho’olohe I na mele Hawai’i. (how you type kahako on this thing? No need. Going old school!). I have a thing for hapa haole style songs. I remember stealing my mom’s Caz cd to listen to this while cleaning my room. Something about hula dancers that can dance well and surfer girls butts too! Song for a session at Walls and some Rainbows boneless gravy all over to follow.

RUN DMC- My Adidas/Peter Piper -pick Peter Piper

Is this considered a picture cover? What can I say that logo is ill. So many people make their own version because its dope. Tight rhymes. Jam Master Jay flexing that sick beat. I remember DJ NuMark rocking this on an anvil with two hammers live with Jurassic 5 at World Cafe.

Booty Essentials 2001- My pick Duice “Daisy Duks”

Non stop remix service album full of guilty pleasures. Yeah you got the standard 69 boys, 2 Live Crew, Luke, 95 South tracks cus this is on Luke’s Lil Joe record label. But this track is why I bought it. Makes me think back on days the chicks was rocking Bongo shorts. Seen a Bongo’s display at Sears yesterday so maybe they’re making a comeback. Clint Dogg if you reading this your song no doubt!

Bootylicious-my pick Chubb Rock “Treat’em Right”

Ok how the hell you get a B-boy track on a remix service of BOOTY SONGS? Well this album has most of the songs from the above record (Lil Joe made bank just repressing 2 Live Crew songs-genius!). Funny thing is Naughty by Nature’s O.P.P. is on both of them. Booty song really? But hey I don’t care what the cover or album is if you can play b-boy breaks on wax at the jam you win. Play it on this weird version and keep your Chubb Rock crispy at home! Remix services is a mix bag. Sometimes you win, sometimes its just crap, and sometimes you get the bboy break.

Thanks Hungry Ear! Vinyl is final! Still no turntables for me, but I aint a dummy. Don’t sleep!