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I love shopping for things after Christmas. Super cheap. People giving crazy discounts to make room for Valentine’s Day. I wonder if people would get offended getting Christmas Snickers for Vday. Same thing, save money, more to spend on other things. Well one of my favorite stores called Lego had some things on sale (midi imperial star destroyers for $21 aint bad), but the thing that caught my eye was the release of the new Series 3 minifigure blindbags. I’m finally over my obsession of trying to collect sets and just want the ones I want. Here’s the series lineup pic.

I really wanted the Indian Chief. So off to digging I did. I grabbed three bags with some feely feely skills. I found the Chief, the Samurai Warrior, and the Mummy. I’m super happy. I still want the Space Alien but then I’m done. I think I’ll shop ebay for it cus I don’t want to spend money looking for it. I actually did well with Series 2 (I still need the Spartan, the Pharaoh, and Dracula) and Series 1 looks like doodoo (I only like the robot and maybe the wrestler and the zombie but not must haves).

Check out this full review of Series 3 including box ratios here
I gotta reconfigure my room so I can start growing my Lego collection.