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Tomorrow night the Lightsleepers tribe along with Loft in Space and Fresh Cafe will be having Mutants, Misfits, & the Mighty. An art show featuring people’s interpretations of what they enjoyed as a keiki and solid hiphop provided by DJ Bumblebee, DJ Observ, Kavet the Catalyst, and Vezzen. Now I haven’t put together an actual art show together for a while. There were events like Trip the Lights and Beatroot (rRed Elephant/Studio1 days) where the art complemented the event and the artists brought their own stuff, nothing really set up. Then there were the days I used to do events such as the legal wall for First Fridays (thanks Arts at Marks) and my most fav were when I was working for the movie promotions company doing events for Spiderman 2 and Lords of Dogtown (here’s the Dogtown wall)
Then there were the group shows. Wallman Project, Four Eyed Fish, Da slippah show, Deck the Halls, all great. The one thing that made it all great was the support of my friends. I’m blessed to be surrounded by super talented people. Mutants, Misfits, & the Mighty was suppose to happen in December but the artists needed more time, hence the push back to Monday night. Usually the fastest I could put a group show or themed show together is about six months to a year. This show less than 2 months is a stretch. Now today is the day before the show and here I am calling artists, picking up pieces, and getting ready for Monday. From what I’ve seen so far this show is shaping up to be dope. I invited over 70 people to submit a piece. But with any show you have a fair amount of people unable to finish or send one in, that’s a given. But some people shock the crap out of me. Here’s some previews for tomorrow.

Carlos Aguilar “In Search Of…” $100

Spel Oner “Von Doom” NFS

Well back to the grind. See you all tomorrow at Fresh Cafe. Come chill, listen to good music, see dope art, have some italian soda or coffee and a sandwich from the cafe and have fun!