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Sorry but I’ve been super busy. Once Mutants Misfits & the Mighty was finished I had to deal with the backlog I shoved back because of the show. Luckily I did go to the Eat the Streets event. Good idea. Food truck fest. Bad location. No parking and cramped lines. Some kinks to work out but overall was pretty good. A recap from a sexy beast.

I didn’t take pics of the crowds. Was like Punahou Carnival with no portagee bean soup or gyros or malasadas or rides. Just people. But I always assume (DON’T ASSUME PEOPLE!) that somebody with a better camera and probably getting paid to blog will do it better so don’t matter what I shoot. But I did shoot DJ TKO spinning at the spot.

The event coulda used more desserts. The cupcake table sold out in less than an hour (wait you don’t slang your cupcakes from a truck or on the streets. First fridays don’t count!) But this crepe spot was slanging an hour AFTER the event ended. Hustle. Didn’t try it but respect the hustle!

Yelp! table. I like yelp. Not joking.

The pastele and poke truck (how’s that combo) was there too. I love gundule rice. I had to try it. When I worked in Waianae I always drove past this truck near Honokaihale. Was pretty good gundule rice, but it made me jones for some of my favorite other spots that SMOKES it out the water. Better than no rice though.

Jericho is stoked he got Melt order in before they closed shop. Stick with the triple. Tomato sauce and pears was no deals for our entire group.

Soul Patrol is legit. They got good biscuits, fried chicken, and killer gumbo! MEAN!

The one thing this event had lots of was taco trucks. Hawaii calls for legit Mexican so much that so many trucks can try to offer it. This truck told me that I could only order one taco per person after waiting in line 45 minutes. I tried to buy 8 because I had 8 friends in my party. No deals. You get the gas face from me and NEVER my business ever. Price you pay.

This made my night. DJ Jimmy Taco eating tacos. I gotta ask Taco how he got the name Taco.

Here was my mission of the night. Gogi. Now when I was in LA i wanted to try the Kogi truck. The only time I seen it they were on set at Universal Studios and I was stuck on the tram going to King Kong in 3D. My Cali homies say it aint all that. Got to eat the Don Chow truck instead (Mexi/Chinese truck) and I liked that. So i figured I gotta try the Hawaii imitation. And I likey! Fricken kim chee fried rice burrito with kalbi and fried egg inside. SO GOOD! I like it cus I don’t miss the dope Mexican from LA or SD cus its Korean food? That other truck gets the gas face while I eat Gogi burritos. Bastard. And Gogi got mean Kim Chee Creamy Fries. Like the pickled garlic!

Gonna happen again soon. If they don’t change the lineup or new castmembers join I might not go. We see. Now how come never had manapua man anywhere. Bag noodles. Can.