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Saturday I couldn’t go to Punahou Carnival cus I’m broke. But I did go to my favorite hulihuli chicken spot. Koala Moa.

I think I like this chicken the best. Corn. Rice. Chicken. Nice! Also tastes good with rooster sauce too! And I don’t even eat rooster sauce. I missed the carnival. Wanted rides and games. Some portagee bean soup and a gyro. Malasadas and corn. But I enjoyed the lack of crowds and not spending lots of cash. Win i guess?

While driving away Hilo Hatties had their tent sale going on. I got two aloha shirts. If someone gets married anytime soon I got a new shirt to wear. HAHAHAHA And forget diet, just stand next to a 400xl shirt and you look skinny! And get some free fruit punch too!

They remodeled the inside and now got a hula studio and a museum thingy. They had Japanese choral singers in the museum. They sang some Japanese songs, then Aloha ‘Oe in Japanese with Hawaiian at the end. Cool.

Hilo Hattie got their girls dancing for the tourists. Then they changed and started price tagging inventory. Double duty. Smart.

Hilo Hattie also got rid of their soap making place and made cafe selling Dole whip! In case you no can drive Wahiawa can go Nimitz.

Overall pretty ok day. Punahou carnival next year i guess. This will have to do.