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Now I remember being an intern at Honolulu Weekly when First Fridays first started. Used to be fun. Art shows. Free pupus. Word. Fast forward to today and there’s people throwing Eff First Fridays parties on first Saturday because its a weird beast of its own. People charging overpriced covers and lots of hipsters and hot chicks (I don’t mind this part). But I like Chinatown anytime except First Fridays. I had some friends showing works so I decided to support them. First we went to check out Pancho Abalos x Spel Oner.

First got here at 5pm. Not open. Walked around. Got back and these people were inside so we waited outside till they left. Talked to some friends and went to go in and the door was locked. Not even 5 minutes after we got their. Gallery empty. No way in. I left. BOOOOOOO!

Checked out that alley in front of Mercury. Seen my old boss at Honolulu Weekly selling red velvet at Let Them Eat Cupcakes. Nostalgic.

Off to thirtynine hotel to see Analog Sunshine guys doing a pinhole camera show. Didn’t label the event so I didn’t know which one Chris or John Hook did. Also wanted to call shenanigans on some of the photos not being shot with pinhole camera too! The pics were cool but I just wanted more titles, info, artist name, something. Got to chop it up with Dubside! Cool.

So me, Rid, Vezzen, and Gary decided to trek around the other galleries of First Friday. TCM wasn’t open till 7. Bankers let Vezzen check his weight. Headed to HiSAM to see how the classy folks First Friday it up. They had intermediate kids singing about pirate kings. Soul was slanging good food. And beach mats for people to lounge on the lawn.

Seen this next to the bathroom. I like this. Please recycle or let someone have a chance to recycle, but don’t just trash it and NOBODY gets the nickle! Times is haaaaaaad!

Arts at Marks started off the galleries celebrating Chinese New Years. Kung Hee Fat Choy.

Bow down when we come to your town!

The Chinese beauty queens making their plan of attack. Chest out, front knee bent, smile, wink. Ready….BREAK!

The lions left, and so did I. First Fridays you just not for me I guess.