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I don’t know why I love rollers and paint. Aint no secret my can control stinks (working on that….to bad my coaches are super busy all the time). I love graff but hate when people don’t buff. You wanna king something you should make sure no remnants of any other pieces exist. I understand the diss piece and making sure the person you dissing sees some leftovers, but on the real buff before burners! Was thinking about how many wack pieces I have buffed before and how many great artists I’ve been lucky to prep walls for or do fills. Still waiting to paint with Os Gemeos or Saber or Totem2 (claiming this now, please Jesus!-watch when this happens!). I Remember having to buff a Quest piece and I was torn cus he’s a fricken KING of Hawai’i graff (not that many you know….and all the true kings don’t think they’re kings either so check yourself fool). Luckily another king went over it with even doper stuff. The pic is from the LS wall at Fresh Cafe HI. Eukarezt murdered it with his homeless guy. So dope we used it for the current Contrast Magazine ad. Glad it got published in a magazine, it made it easy to buff over it. It also made it easier that Woes and Ekundayo was going over it. Equal calibers-not some toy doing crappy stuff (I’ve seen that happen too many times). This pic is the result of me trying to buff a wall getting splatters from an air conditioner. People really liked it. And the final result of Eukarezt colors, kiawe wood charcoal buff, and dripping water also matched Dayo’s character. If you got time go stop by Fresh Cafe and take a photo in front of it. Mutants, Misfits, & the Mighty still running and Pow Wow Hawai’i coming soon. Don’t sleep! Come true!

PS. Shout out the the real Buffmonster of Hawai’i!