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Keeping my eye on the prize tomorrow for these!

Hellaflush returns to Hawai’i. Now last time they held Aloha Kings I went (see here). I’m not really a car buff, but I appreciate nice cars and fast cars and expensive cars, BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ANY OF THOSE! I love my Scion xB. I don’t wash it enough or wax it, but I never want to show it. Tomorrow the Lightsleepers crew going to have a booth at HellaFlush HI. LS and car shows go way back. KTC used to always run the dj battles (shout out to NSK and everyone who entered back then, Memoirs, 720, Hi Tony!), and the b-boy battles, and the emcee battles (remember Omega Cix vs Freelance (Narrow Path) when 06 said there was a kaizo speed gear sticker on your boto line?). LS is still about dope hiphop. Dope cars need dope hiphop to bump and drivers need t-shirts too! And maybe a Lightsleepers pillow for the back seat as well.

The one thing I like about Hellaflush is that its more about the cars. Not so much about the girls, or the wet t-shirt contests, but the cars. I think that’s why I kinda dig fatlace/illest. They doing what they love, and they corner the market hard. Another thing I like that they push is STICKERS! Last time I went to the show to buy this jem

I bought some for $5. I thought it was a little expensive. Now they selling on ebay for $25. Go figure. I love stickers and will OUTSTICKER anyone! No joke. I got an entire drawer dedicated to only PART of my stickers. We renovated my house and my older part of my sticker collection filled a ten gallon rubbermaid storage container that is still in storage (I gotta get that back soon!).

Well if you like cars and stickers come down. Don’t forget to visit the Lightsleepers booth. If you showing your car and want a lightsleepers sticker to rock during the show hit me up.