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I like Valentine’s Day. Even as a little kid I liked Valentine’s Day. Helped guys step up their pimp game or develop one if they didn’t have one. Passing out candy and cards to your classmates in elementary. Trying to get a slow dance with a girl in the cafeteria in intermediate. Having the balls to walk across the club to talk to the hot chick in high school (ask me about getting cock-blocked at the Hype from a female classmate). Boosting the spirits of lonely girls with no special someone in college (don’t forget their friends either…..they help put in a good word for you, sometimes its clutch!). I had plans today but they kinda fizzled out due to lack of time and frustrations. I’m a firm believer that you gotta do something special for your valentine ON Valentine’s Day, but at the same time I think you might be better off delaying it for a few days or doing it early. Roses are rediculous today, but next week you can probably get them less than $10. All the V-Day candy and gifts get reduced on Feb. 15. But the person getting them will still love receiving them, because they love the giver and not the gift. I was thinking about how Target was discounting Christmas Snickers in January yet stocking the heart shaped Snickers at the same time. Snickers got a pretty decent shelf-life, so why won’t a girl love a Santa Snickers and the fact you saved some money so you can spend it on something else for her? Maybe I’m just a cheap bastard……. I did buy myself something. I slept on the last V-Day package that DJ Neil Armstrong had with his Warmfuzzy mix and a g-string cus what I gonna do with a g-string? But this year he packaged Sweet, Bittersweet, Smoove, Sweet 2, and Warmfuzzy together for $25 with a bonus new mix to be emailed later as well. I copped it so I could upgrade my collection (I think someone stole some of my copies).

Like I said before, this year I’m kinda delaying V-Day, but I also decided to make a last minute run to the grocery store. Was kinda nice seeing all these guys who just finished work cramming the lines at the floral department so they could get their flowers re-wrapped for their someones. Parents and their kids shopping for the other parent or family members. People just trying to let others know that hey-you’re important to me, I ❤ U!

Like I normally do I try to collect at least a song a day from Feb. 1 to V-Day for my bloggy blog. This year with the slew of events (M3/HellaFlush/etc) I forgot till couple days ago. Hence the start today. Usually I have KTC and others do the same. The crew at took it a step further and made a mixtape you can download here. Here’s my first song. I was trying to make a sampling of love songs that were somewhat upbeat and you could play at work and keep your momentum going with the hopes of making the work day shorter. I had some difficulty. One thing I do know is that my itunes collection sucks compared to my wax and cd stacks. I’m not sure if I’ll even follow through and post all the songs but here we go. First song.

Born Jamericans. Yardcore, the people want more! I’m glad that this song still gets some mainstream radio air time on both the top 40 and the island/hawaiian/jawaiian stations. Hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, win. Showing love yet not that slow jam that make you go sleep.

Happy V-day! With love, lofa.

PS. Show others how much you care on regular days too! Not just V-day!