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Musiq Soulchild (or if he dropped it or added it back i dunno?) Buddy. Not like the De La Soul Buddy. Actual buddies. I like this song. It’s all about spitting game. Funny thing about spitting game is that you think you come smooth like this song and you practice on people you’re not that interested in, but when you find that one you aint smooth, you stutter and mumble and clumsy as a mofo. And to be honest that’s usually what they like. If you too smooth they think you a player or you practice too much. Ever watch that movie Hitch? Explains everything. This song is cool. Lyrics got nice flow and somewhat edgy without strait up saying “Eh I like OOOOOF!”. The reason I also like this song is cus it kinda reminds me of Jodeci’s “You Give Good Love” track I used last year or two years ago. It’s a feel good hand clapper. Happy V-Day +1. Start picking up them discounted heart shaped goodies!