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If you didn’t know I like to dig for records. Maybe not be the jems you look for, but it’s the hunt for me that I enjoy. Most of the time I want either b-boy breaks, dope hiphop (golden, current, saferap, backpacker, etc.), danceable stuff (booty, stevie-b, freestyle, etc.), or Hawaiian. My friends that actually dj clown me because I don’t even own a turntable (I got fisher price one? But I never played nothing on it) but I buy wax. The real reason I buy wax is because when they first came out they were decent prices, but now they pricey. I’m not on that tip to flip wax yet but one day I will be. But I just hate when I sleep on something cheap then and now they pricey as a mofo.

A while back I got an email from someone a while back about my favorite local comic book called Pineapple Man. He saw my blog post and asked if I could find some. I used to buy them all the time from JJ’s in Kane’ohe (livicated!). When they were open they sold the ashcan versions (google that son! You comic book heads should know) for like $2 i think? Well JJ’s closed and I didn’t go to town much, so my comics fell off. I didn’t buy doubles because I was broke as a kid and I only needed to read it once and in the bag it went. Anywho the guy from the mainland who emailed me asked if I could find them because they were a grip in the mainland. I know they were small runs but who knew the only comic from Hawai’i (that I know of yet, wait there’s Gordon Rider) was a hit in the mainland? I picked up my copies of the full sized Pineapple Man from the Hawai’i Library book sale so I figured I could find them again. Unfortunately no luck. Issue 1 is going for $100 each. WTF? l finally got a hold of some back issues, but still mad that I coulda scooped up choke and made a killing. You never know what things are gonna be worth later.

PS. The guy emailed me back and said that they made Pineapple Man plush? Now my hunt really begins!