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Herb Kane was a legend in my book. While there are many artists that paint Hawaiiana, Herb Kane was the man! My days at Kamehameha allowed me to see a wide variety of his artwork. As an art student back then, I could only imagine having the patience to paint such fine details on a large scale. My favorite spot to chill during school was at the tables right in front of his Battle at Nu’uanu Pali painting in the library (I’m not sure if its the original one…Kamehameha got money but they known to be smart ant reprint them so the originals don’t get messed up…go look at my friend Solomon Enos’ work at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center…all reprinted so the tourist dont get sand on um). I one time tried to count how many warriors were falling off in that painting. I kinda wish I had that as a print. I truely wish I had his skills. My drawings sucked in comparison, but Mr. Kane’s paintings really inspired me to continue to try. I should sketch something today. Mahalo ia Herb no kou mau ki’i kamaha’o!

He painted one of my favorite spots!