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Sorry for not being online. Not that I don’t want to, just got super busy. Planning huge events (personal and public), finishing my last Statistics class (I hope for life!). Just when everything was all good the tsunami coming. I hate (try not to hate things but I hate this) natural disasters. So when Japan got hit I felt bad. Then when we had tsunami coming I was all oh shit! My house isn’t in the low lying evacuation zone, but I got ready to run up the hills anyways. I had to focus on my dogs, I didn’t have enough leashes for the tribe. I gotta buy more. Then I looked at my emergency list. Most things were covered, but not the water situation. Hurricane season I got water on lock (ask me about my strategy. its simple. Costco) but this tsunami caught me sleeping. I packed up, cleaned out my car (that was the real task) and got ready just incase we had to leave. My house is 2 miles from the beach, yet I dunno how they calculate those maps in front of the phone book, and if their math is wrong I don’t want to pay for it. Having my dogs forced me to choose material things or the pack. The pack means a lot to me, so bye bye collectibles. Flood/water is a little easier for me to deal with than winds blowing your house down, but as I prayed for Hawai’i’s safety and recovery for Japan I was glad to see that if I lost my things the only thing I needed was someone to hold my hand and let me know it would be ok no matter what. Wow.

Glad we are safe, but don’t take nothing for granted, and don’t mess around when they warn you. All these donkeys going near the beach when the fire/police trying to clear the area pissed me off. I’m all about survival of the fittest and also about not wishing ill will on nobody, but I couldn’t help but to think that if the super huge wave washed these fools away their family and friends would pay for their stupidity, not the donkeys. I also thought if there was a sniper on the roof of the hotels with a paintball gun that would help things out too? I’m just saying.

Moral of the story: count your blessings, be prepared, get your priorities strait, and Jesus is always ready to hold your hand. Now to patch the holes in the things missing in my emergency prep kit. I don’t own a first aid kit. I got band aides, but that’s it. And to buy a new can opener (CHEE!).