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I know you got people all over asking for donations, but the way I see it if you are blessed you should help. You dodged the tsunami/help the ones that got hit, you got a home and food/help the homeless that don’t. I seen a flyer for this before the tsunami/earthquake went down. And yes help and pray for Japan! But also don’t forget charity begins at home. I thought this was a dope idea. $20 and you get a bowl of soup and some bread, some entertainment (i dunno what it is), and a hand made pottery bowl created by members of the Hawai’i Pottery Guild. The soup is from some of the best restaurants on the island too. You get a meal, a bowl you can keep or give it away as a gift, and you help out River of Life Mission and Hawai’i Meals on Wheels to help less fortunate people right here in Hawai’i. Brownie points indeed. I have a hard time giving homeless people money because I get mad when I see people who I gave money for food go to the liquor store and buy booze or drugs! This way you make sure they getting food! Bless and be blessed.