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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Someone on tv said that all this Prince William & Kate Middleton hoopla is a nice diversion even for the day from all the crappy things going on in the world. I agree. At the same time I kinda don’t care too much. But I’m kinda fascinated by people collecting souvenirs about the wedding. Will they really be worth money down the line? People gonna be stoked to find these in abandoned storage lockers 50 years from now? I watched a show following these ladies selling antiques and collectibles and they had some of Queen Victoria’s stockings appraised. I can understand that being worth money but not this Will Kate stuff. Above is the best wedding thing I like (I like the royal barf bags as well but the design on the front aint dope). But who would buy these to collect? Maybe to use?

Congrats to the Royal Couple!


For the record I don’t burn, don’t think people should burn, but I don’t know why but I love a lot of weed songs. Whodathunking. To all my friends that burn I wish you could be drug free but I rather the greenery than crack or heroin or anything else. JUST SAY NO!

Here’s some examples.

Backyahd “Stay Irie”

Lootpack “Weededed” (Can’t find the the album one so you get live)

Peter Moon Band “Island Love” -Weed song!

Uncle Don Ho “Who is the lolo”

After finishing Japan Aid, a class, and taking huge leaps to my future I’m super glad to have my friends. Who else is gonna share their liver and onions with you? Or make a dope event possible? Or eat your left over rice and gravy from your loco moco? Or wake up early to camp out 2hrs for Record Store Day? Thanks guys/girls. With love, Lofa. PS. Banana pancakes taste better with strawberries and whipped cream.

Japan Aid tonight! Come through please! $10 for Salvation Army Japan relief efforts. Don’t Sleep! You didn’t get hit by tsunami/earthquake. Count your blessings and be a helper.

Diggers shirt for Record Store Day drops today at In4mation Ward/Pearlridge and online at
more info here

Happy Record Store Day. We love wax!

TimerAngryWoebot/KTC/Lofa digging at Request Maui.

While Saturday is loaded with events and whatnot (Japan Aid 5p-11p @Loft in Space for Japan *wink wink*), it is also the Hawai’i Food Bank’s Annual Food Drive. So many people struggling to make ends meet and being homeless and whatnot, people like the Food Bank try to make a difference. I personally don’t like when people beg for money on the side of the street (watch that Freeloaders news article that Jon Stossle guy did $23K panhandling and they not homeless!) because all to many times I gave the fool a dollar and I see them buying a beer instead of food. While people are encouraged to be charitable they are NOT suppose to be enablers and help people get drugs and booze when they don’t need that to make the situation better. The Food Bank makes sure nobody is hungry and hook people up that need food with food. I trust my money going to them will go to food and not beer for homeless people. My general rule is if I got extra funds and I’m not affected by the problem at hand I should help out. I’m asking you to help out and drop a buck in their baskets when you see them on the street or some can food (a good one that you would eat) to help. Brownie points work for Jesus too? All I know is I don’t need no karma ass biting me back because I already got enough things trying to slow me down. I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about being hungry so I will help out. Please kokua. Mahalo and shaka!

2011 Hawaii Food Bank Annual Drive info

Gotta love this sign. I love both Mistuba and Mistu-Ken but know the parking situation. I wonder if Helena’s gets mad when I park there to go to either of these spots.

Sidenote yeah I slacked HARD on new posts. My bad. Still sometimes I’m just too lazy to go online. It’s not like I live at the Apple store or something.