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Pow Wow came and went. The videos are finally being edited and finished and I hope an actual documentary/DVD will be made? Now Pow Wow opening party i was ok…..but like Meggs in the video says “it’s all about the process”. My blackbook and sticker collections were increased with dopeness because of Pow Wow, but sometimes it’s more about watching the paint dry and the painter putting it up rather than a final piece. The next Pow Wow should be pretty dope. I know Angry Woebots will be repping for the Hawaiians among the 20 artists being invited. Jasper Wong got a kickstarter page HERE trying to raise $10K for the event. I gotta say I owe it to this past event to help out. I got my picture taken by Suitman, every artist hit up my blackbook, dope stickers from Meggs, 123Klan, Kamea Hadar, Aaron De La Cruz, and others, MEETING WILL BARRAS(Mr. Jago next year please?) and the biggest honor was Prime painting my name under the royal peacock (and the lightsleepers too! AND AIGA! HIGH CHEIF XL!!!!). Can’t wait for next year’s event.