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I’m a big fan of actual print. I love magazines. Don’t like e-books or electronic reading stuff. Yeah internet is cool and bloggy blogs (irony you reading this one at the moment) is ok but tangible things always overrule the digital stuff. If you can’t read it while dropping bombs in the toilet then nevermind. Got the new issue of Flux in my mailbox the other day. Super interesting read. Yeah Hawai’i got talented people (I should know cus most of them is my homies). Great to see people like John Hook, Angry Woes, DJ Delve, and others rocking their skills. Great articles about Ted and his music, Jerome James and his family (I gotta take them drum lessons from his pops!), and recap of Pow Wow Hawai’i (Mr. Jago next year CHEEEEEE!). I usually read a mag twice then donate it to the library or give it to a friend if I not gonna keep it. This issue made my keep pile.

I one day hope to get my opinions in the front sections of a mag like Flux (my real hope is to make Giant Robot…can we make that happen Eric Nakamura?). What piece of art I would want? Maybe a hand painted Reyes x El Mac? Or an Os Gemeos character painting.