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First thanks to everyone who made Inertia 8 dope. Super mahalos to Pastor Clint, HCWO & GBC youth volunteers, Fumanchu, Mighty 4, Freelance, Affiliated JusJones & DJ Enjay, D-man, Remedy, BRADDAH JEFF!, E.T., Jedi, Vezzen, Gary, Travis & his homie, and the mop team. Double shout out to Slick & the Dissizit Crew (he took care of the writers and the b-boys. I don’t know how writers do a piece for the blackbook battle and don’t enter cus you see doper stuff. EVERYONE GOT A DISSIZIT SHIRT WHO ENTERED! Sucks to be you!). Inertia 9 May 2012. Don’t sleep! Now to the real post.

Some people think I’m a hard shopper when it comes to getting me a gift. I don’t think so but at the same time I’ll buy what I want immediately. I like random stuff. Some expensive. Most reasonable. Some super cheap. But how do explain to someone that I like Ashley Wood’s 3A Heavy Bramble but not the Dropcloth (don’t it look like a malo?). Well here’s something I planned on buying myself. Chris Ryniak is a dope artist and created the Muscamoot (above). Now for the last two years I’ve been hunting for one. Last SDCC it slipped my mind and I couldn’t find the booth and I didn’t get one. Then they sold blank factory rejects online but I didn’t have money or a paypal account. Then I was happy to learn that Rotofugi in Chicago was releasing the Rainbow Sherbert version the day after my birthday. I told myself I gonna buy it as a birthday gift to myself. Didn’t tell anyone. Less than 100 available. First sold in Chicago, later leftovers to release online. Unfortunately Timer/Angry Woebot had his Inkspills battle at Fresh Cafe on my birthday and I OVERSLEPT! By the time I woke up they were sold out. After making a few calls to Chicago I accepted the fact that I didn’t get one. Muscamoot you may have eluded me once again………for now…………..too be continued…………………………….July *wink wink*