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For the past week I’ve been pushing handtrucks and moving boxes for the Friends of the Library of Hawai’i. The annual booksale at McKinley Highschool has been slanging books and more for the past 64 years. They didn’t bring their collection of records, but they had buttloads of books. I’m not a big reader, but I did drop some bucks on a few cookbooks (gonna get my kaukau king action going?) and I started my official collection of Bone graphic novels/books/whatever you gonna call them.

Now I’ve been a big Bone fan since back in the day when I still collected Wizard and Hero Illustrated (still got the Christmas ashcan!). I wasn’t the biggest comic book collector, but I had my favorites (Shadowhawk, X-men, Spidey, Pitt, Maxx, Pineapple Man, etc.). Comics wasn’t cool back then, but you make a few movies that blow up at the box office and now there’s a comic book blockbuster every summer. Back to Bone. I got some Scholastic versions (printed full color) and some Cartoon Book versions (original black n white). The scholastic versions I like because of the hardcovers, but I’ve always remembered Bone being pure black n white. Thinking about getting an entire set (or maybe that big brick…they releasing a 20th anniversary ed. this year). I may not read but I still like comics/cartoons (PS. San Diego Comic Con super soon!).

Back to the booksale. It was pretty fun working. The pic up top is the tent I tried to hang out in most of the time. I dunno why they had an inflatable gecko on the wall. One day I really had to bust my ass to get the books out of the rain into storage. But most of the time I just kicked back and talked with the older volunteers. Glad to see people kicking the trend of e-books and buying printed material. At the same time I kinda felt bad for some of the book publishers/authors/artists etc. These people dream of making a dope book only to be donated and sold for as little as 50 cents. I have a dream of making art books of coffee table/graphic novel/pocket sized nature (no joke!). Soon come. See you at the next book sale (Gonna have records!).