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Well for a while now I’ve tried to keep my eating unhealthy junk somewhat under control because I’m heading to my favorite Italian spots (and I hope to be there every day for nearly a week!). But for the strangest reasons I’ve been craving teriyaki cheeseburgers. And nothing you can buy from a fast food spot, maybe a saimin stand like Shige’s or a few local spots, but that’s not what I want. I want something either mixed homemade or even those May’s patties (clown all you want but I love those bad boys). The biggest thing is I want it grilled on a bbq or hibachi. I can’t get that smell out of my nose. After all the fireworks watching at the Hilton and Aloha Tower and Ala Moana that’s all I could smell and that’s all I really want. Don’t get me wrong I ate good food watching fireworks (Hooters wings, roast turkey and stuffing, spaghetti) but I still want burgers. I’m way to lazy to camp Ala Moana to make it happen on the 4th and to be honest its kind of a beeotch to grill away from home too! Could have had some tonight but I turned it down to do some homework. Maybe I just miss hanging with friends and family. I’m gonna get them before this month is done for sure. The strangest things you crave sometimes. Maybe its just me. I hope you have a chance to cook it up on the bbq sometime soon. Put some oysters on too! Happy grilling!