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My SDCC recap is coming soon. I gotta get the pics from the other people who took them because my camera is ass.

One thing you upcoming artists/toy designers may or may not have known is that many toy deals between artists and manufactures end with the artists being paid in product instead of getting a percentage of the profits. This has lead to the creation of “AP” toys or artists proofs. Well this is my homie Tracy Tubera’s (Wild Grinders/Fantasy Factory) Radiclaw figure he dropped for SDCC. Only 100 made. Tracy did his rendition of Nakanari’s Spiki in a Wolverine theme. Well I didn’t get to visit the Kuso Vinyl booth where this was being released, but luckily Tracy released his AP’s in his online store. The figure also comes with a matching limited editon print (only 50 prints made). I ordered mine. Get yours too! Support artists! Available at