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Ever have that nervous feeling when you clean yard for your mom guys or your grandma and you wanted to do a good job but didn’t know if they would think you did a good job? Now take that feeling but replace your grandma with the kings and queens of Hawai’i and their families. That’s how I felt when I was invited to help do some yard work at Mauna ‘Ala.

Now I’ve been to Mauna ‘Ala at least seven times in my lifetime, all Kamehameha related because I’m not sure you can just roll up to the spot and visit. But when I got that email requesting help I thought “That’s the least I can do for my ali’i”. I thought it would be a little spooky (strange fact: it’s super quiet there…yeah you hear cars drive by but still more quiet than it should be) but it was kinda nice and peaceful. The graveyard next door is a little creepy, but Mauna ‘Ala was pretty chill. I didn’t take that many pics because I was there for work, not play tourist, but I did take a couple after Kahu Bill Maioho told us the history of the area (read about it here) including how it’s NOT a part of America and it’s so sacred that they rerouted Pali Highway and had to cut into the mountains so it didn’t bother na ali’i! Word.

I wonder if they was looking over my shoulder and saying “what’s that boy doing?”. I had a good time. Great refresher course on Hawaiian history. Mahalo ke ali’i Pauahi no kou lokomaika’i!

Uncle Bill said he only opens the Kalakaua crypt on their birthday celebrations but makes exceptions for school groups and what not. So he opened it so we could visit. I’ve been before, so I was like I no gotta go downstairs…….but I thought about it and Uncle Bill opened it right? Gotta go. Visit your kupuna. Google the crypt key. It’s huge! I never take pics.

If you get a chance to go, stop by and say hello. And no be scared! I’ll be back for sure.