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The one thing I love about lofa is a sexy beast, ktc’s blog, and is that they HELLA BIASED!!!! I gonna put what I want where I want it, especially here. Lofa Says (livicated 808 Scene Zine) used to be just me rehashing what Mr. J all Day put up on, but that was just the stuff me and him like…if we didn’t like it we didn’t put it up there. Lofa is a Sexy Beast is me brain farting.

Now back to the title. I wanted to do a review of the new Contrast and what I liked, maybe grow balls and say what I didn’t but in Hawaii you just can’t state your piece and not offend ten people (the target and his or her family, cousins, lover, etc.). Now I was gonna review the new mag same way Ghostface (read it here! HAM!) and the rest of the peanut gallery did that Kanye/Jay Z Watch The Thrown album (I download but no listen yet) but then I realized I usually review Contrasts issues. So much for that idea. No fern gully fairy anthems here. Begin. From front to back, not in particular order of favorites or whatever.

The New Vintage issue 06

-In4mation ad- If I found ledge like that would i try? I gotta use that lomo camera I got with the 8 pics at a time
-Contrast got interns? I still never make the sticker bombing crew yet…..
-Solitary arts “Curb Theif!”-legit
-Jeff Canham letters are dope
-Indigo article reminds me of this Chinese movie my girl watched where the uncle was oofing his niece(she was old not keiki) in a cave because he was drunk and died cus he couldn’t breathe in the cave and she tossed him into a silk dying pool and burned down the silk factory and the movie just pau. Japan Blue article is cool! no relation between the two, just reminded me….
-EZ Ryder-know your history. I didn’t. I started Bones Brigade times. Couldn’t olie then, can’t now! Mongo!
-Cuzzo-sick idea redo the cover. How come Skate Nazi didn’t get contributors spot?
-Kuha’o ethnic. I not gonna wear a malo till I can win Paradise Cup bodybuilding contest, hence why I no like dance hula. But kanes should dance hula and ‘oli!
-DJ Delve spins wax! If you didn’t know you probably don’t even buy wax. Serato is needed for tracks that never get pressed on wax like the Lightsleepers Narco posse cut, at the same time crates are a biatch to carry. If you got it on Serato you better have the wax at home (unless its krumping music).
-Lancifer stage light pit pics are a great concept
-Leilow Jules was picking with me before picking was cool and they made tv shows about it. I see him at the collectors joints all the time. Not you! Don’t be a hipster and start collecting cool shit now! Stay on your fixed gear bike or stand up paddleboard and keep it moving.
-Buba and friends reviewing 40s just fits! I still gotta eat a V-Lounge pizza yet!
-Analog Tape Worms trivia fact…..1/8th of those tapes are FROM MY COLLECTION! I didn’t tape trade back then either. 1/48th of them tapes don’t exist. You seen a Woes & O6 album? I try make it happen.
-Sticker ad by Fitted brought back memories of me going T&C Kahala and buying my fingerboard and getting pink and neon green grip tape on it. Still think you shoulda photoshopped a Fitted sticker in there somewhere, but I respect the respect the OG stickers like how you should do on Storto’s door. But I woulda photoshopped it. Man i put a Lightsleepers sticker on an Os Gemeos mural just to take the picture and took it off asap cus I don’t know how to photoshop, but at the same time NO WAY IN HELL WOULD I WANNA DISS THE TWINS! I was scared shitless when I took the sticker off cus I never like peel any paint off (the security guards was nervous too as they came running!).

If I didn’t comment on anytihng it don’t mean I didn’t like it or it’s HAM. Just didn’t comment on it. They make all kine articles for all kine people, sexy beasts to ugly mofos, maybe just not my cup of tea but it could be yours. Best bet is to find a copy and sit on the porcelain thrown and read um.

This mag is like when the nightmarchers start coming and you hear the drums and you gotta get naked and pee in a circle but you can’t pee cus you took a leak five minutes ago and you see the torches coming so you get naked anyways and ball up like a baby and……… I just playing with ya. But imagine how popular my blog would be if I wrote crazy crap like that.

Read the Skate Nazi review of the same issue here and make that pic of jeff bombing hills your wallpaper! Someone should make a poster of that or put it on the APB window like jordy’s stussy ad