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Livicated to Aunty Bonnie and the Reyes fam.

Saturday was “Hawai’i gets Kavet the Catalyst to dj day”. First up Koko Marina Skate Ramp Jam 3.

Matt and the Local808 crew hold a super sick event with a dope mini ramp and street course. Lots of prizes and giveaways. A sample sale from some skate/surf brands. Dopeness. Check out their web page at

Kavet got invited to spin hiphop for the keikis and the Eastside community. Teach um young. Let the kid’s skate!

The sponsored skaters not judging the comp. Technoskater and Park win for worst spill and best trick in that order.

Technoskater guns proved Darkstar armorlite is LEGIT!

My favorite part of any skate contest. Product toss. Chris having fun. The only SWAG I like. No hipster shit. Strait free giveaways for just showing up! Stickers is also a fav of mine. Thanks LRG! Livicated Jonas! And Vitaminwater! That new blue drink is winnas!

Good contest. Packed it up and headed home for a little down time before we roll again.

Next stop Waimea Valley. My friend Amelia getting married. Honozooloo taking pics. KTC asked to spin dope hiphop and a music selection from the bridal couple. Word.

It’s electric! BOOGIEWOOGIEWOOGIE! HAHA. Oh what KTC rocks Serato? Nope. But you think his collection gonna have electric slide on wax? You got electric slide on wax? I don’t got it on wax. But hey you get a list of stuff the wedding couple wants and you gotta make it happen. Itunes, cdj, turntables, and a mixer with a broken transformer switch and he held his own.

You shoulda heard the requests from the crowd. “People wanna dance, play beatles!” “you got this band? its mainstream. its alternative indie rock.” “Dougie please?” “No dougie, the lyrics are offensive!”. Pure comedy to me, but they don’t know.

Not one Filipino in sight, yet they held their own with the ChaCha song.

Last ten minutes and I hear KTC say “ah crap! Let’s do this!” starts diggin in the crates and strait to good underground hiphop. Bush babies, tribe, mos def, camp lo, just rockin. Guess what. The wedding party loved it. They danced. KTC played 30 minutes past the ending of the wedding. The bus for the guests to Waikiki left, and they still danced. The waitstaff loved it as they broke down the venue. The wedding party wanted KTC to go drink with them back at the hotel. Good party. Good people.

Congrats to Amelia and Tony!

Next stop Zippy’s.