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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Yeah I went to the Hawaii 5-0 premier on Sunset at the Beach. I didn’t want to but I figured two things: 1. Maybe I actually MEET Grace Park rather than see her a few feet away (I want her autograph and a pic with her!) and 2. Walls had waves. 1 didn’t happen, 2 did. And I liked the episode. Next time I’m renting a room with a balcony! My review below.

Watch the show! Support local actors and film crews!

On the heals of the first win for the Warriors here we go. Back when I was a husky kid my dentist who’s office was located in the University area would always tell me “Go to UH, play football!”. So I made a decision and said I was gonna go UH and play ball. After some setbacks in Kamehameha not playing ball (bad grades, never wanted to be a center) I crushed my UH football dreams. I still went to UH and didn’t apply to any other colleges except UH Hilo, but I didn’t grad from there either. Not a Warrior, not a UH grad (yet, maybe my masters?) Flashforward to last week. Women’s football clinic, not for me fool, for my ‘o lady. How you gonna miss a chance to see your woman run football drills?

Got bored waiting, so I cleansed my mind and got up in the rock garden.

Kupunas got the line waiting on lock. I should recruit some of them for the Lightsleepers Black Friday team!

Band setting the mood.

Coach Mac & Mrs. Mac layin the terms and plays down for the females

The concept is if we get the ladies to understand what is going on maybe you stop bugging the men when the game is on……..jus joke. But they might make more fans if ladies like the game and not just looking at booty……that’s for volleyball! CHEEE!

Eye candy for the ladies. Warriors doing work.

The real deal. They hit the field. Super legit. Passing footballs with Nick Rolovich, blocking drills with Rich Miano, tackling with Cal Lee. SICK! $20 for a sick UnderArmor/UH dri fit shirt, drills, and some hot dogs, chips, and Gatorade. If they had dudes doing this someone gonna get hurt and gonna have huge scraps. The ladies are all civil, sharing, having fun. Word.