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Monthly Archives: October 2011

I can’t believe I kinda don’t like browsing the interwebs now. A few years ago I drove miles to use someone’s free connection, today my office has not been visited for what seems to be ages. What is it, I dunno. I do know the more crap changes on facebook the more I’m hating it. I don’t wanna hear why nobody supports your stuff (most likely you don’t support my stuff so we even?) or see that you posted something that has nothing to do with me (like stand up paddleboarding? Fixies of the ocean. Copywrited!). Another thing I notice while I fail to update this bad boy is that I dislike tumblr and people with one picture one sentence blogs or posts or whatevers. Most of the time you stole it or just reposting. Why don’t you say why you connect with it (and more than “this is so legit, money, sexy, homo, or whatever adjective you use….totally rufus?) Just when I started realizing I haven’t been enjoying other peoples blogs for a minute I stumbled across the Stussy blog. (you read SkateNazi’s one I hope. He got some funny gems and killer skate pics. What a new Natural Koncepts vid! Word! Whattup Katch1!). I’ve never been there before but I did have fun trolling the archives looking for my homies. You know, Little Dragon, P-rod, Tokimonsta, Gaslampkiller, YEAH RIGHT!. But on the real I dunno who does it (garans its my homie cus they be taking pics where I be at) but I do like seeing my homies there. And MYSELF!

As much as I don’t go out its weird to feel at home in Chinatown. No drugs for me thanks.

Stealing this to post on the Dissizit fb page.

One thing they like is when someone reps the Stussy Tribe or rocks their gear (makes sense its the Stussy blog stupid!). I understand cus I get stoked seeing Lightsleepers stuff there. That kid on the side rocking the LS Army shirt went try for try with Sheckler trying to kickflip to flat and broke his board. Shecky landed, this kid followed.

I’ve been a fan for Stussy for a while. I still can do that Stussy oneliner too (correction its a two liner). I used to rock it back when I fit it, but now that I’m a sexy beast THEY DON’T MAKE NOTHING MY SIZE! And that sucks when they make dope shiz like that Marvel colabs (I SO WANTED THE DOOM SHIRT!) and the HNL tribe shirt with the South Shore breaks that I ACTUALLY SURF (I don’t live there but I surf like a townie and a Kapahulu Wall Rat!). Made my day to see it. Now to not check it for a few months so I can spend time later recaping stuff later. Shout out to the Stussy HNL tribe! Got any stickers?

If I ever get to this spot you better believe I’m gonna sidebust this HARD!


and it don’t stop won’t stop wilt nor sour! If you didn’t know I gotta say thanks to Wiz Kalifa??? Yep. Somehow Wiz, the promoters, whoever calls The Grouch to open for Wiz at the Blaisdell. Grouch decides let’s fly Eligh out since DJ Fresh gotta spin for the Wiz show. WORD!

Grouch earning hiphop hands from the keikis.

DJ Fresh also taught the keikis about turntablism and scratching behind your back with your shoes on your hands

Then Eligh showed up and ripped his song on the Chris Brown’s “Look at me now” beat. MURDER! Grey Crow! KAKAW!

The Grouch told me that the Taylor Gang dj told him that he was looking forward to meeting The Grouch because he played his music on college radio. Legendary Music!

The keikis. Don’t think I could find a seat if I wanted to…….

The next day Eligh rocked the Venue. Thanks Bart! Two nights of freshness. And back in Chinatown where I belong. And the sounds were WAY BETTER the second night. Haole sound guys didn’t know crap at Blaisdell (not local guys either).

The Venue got a ghost?

Nah it’s just the GROUCH! And my crappy cybershot. No SLR for me yet.

DJ Fresh rocking Tassho’s Flip The Bird hoodie with the classic record label logos. Shout out to Evan for the sick visuals. Space & Sound!

Doesn’t Eligh kinda look like Kat Williams small kine in this pic? Everyday I’m hustlin’!

Say G! G! G! G! & E! E! E! E! Word! Don’t sleep!

and whoever made the dope ish happen.

Well it’s Hiff time again and I always hope they top my favorite HIFF moment (meeting Kevin Smith after his discussion and having my ENTIRE View Askew collection signed!). This year they shooting pretty close. First they had a Hawai’i 5-0 panel that I missed (with Grace Park!). Then they had The Wonder Year documentary with 9th Wonder present and had an after party concert with 9th Wonder, Monarx, Prie, and KTC (went to the concert, missed the movie, waiting to buy the DVD….. big ups to DJ Delve and BumbleBee for saving the day!). But the biggest highlight for me was the 25th Anniversary showing of Karate Kid II. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Yeah its shot in my hood (Kahalu’u fishpond son!). Yeah Pat Morita and Ralph Machio kick ass. Yeah it has the “most homo movie scene ever” (Google it!). But when I heard Tamlyn Tomita was gonna be attending the showing you better believe I was gonna be there! I soooo have a crush on her (proof right here) and Anderson apparently has one too. Made this happen.

Hell yeah I was stoked. Even got my dvd signed!
Did you know its IMPOSSIBLE to find Karate Kid II on Blu Ray? I gotta start hunting now. Bra that chopstick out the hair scene during the tea ceremony still wins!

To make things better GRACE PARK was in the lobby at HIFF! Didn’t talk or take pics cus I got shook! (yeah I said it but after hearing all the storys about no photos what I gonna do?).

Make things worse KELLY HU was in the theater and I could have met her WHILE the movie was going on but my friend who drove me didn’t want to find her. I would have reimbursed his ticket price for missing the movie. Priorities. Sucks that I’m a nice friend I guess.

Tamlyn Tomita is CAN! STILL CAN!

Thanks HIFF!

So it’s time for New York Comic Con. As a comic book follower back in the day I always thought comic cons were regional conventions that different people put together like when Wizard had Wizardworld in Chicago, LA, NY, etc. Well for me (and many others) there is only ONE Comic Con and it’s in San Diego (hopefully it continues to stay there). But the masterminds that built up the toy cultyard at SDCC decided why not make it happen at NYCC and for the past few years its been growing. This year many companies are making the trek to the Big Apple and I kinda want to go. If I have to decide between the two SDCC will always be a must go to, but if I can squeeze NYCC next year imma think realy hard. Here’s a few things that I actually like coming out from NYCC 2011.

I’m not that huge into customs but I gotta say I like J*RYU’s King Krab dumpster hermit!

My buddy Spanky Stokes threw everyone for a loop making his first custom resin release! I actually want this and I don’t collect resin pieces (I only got two different resins Jim Mahfood’s BeatBee and Angry Woebots Panda King severed heads). The loop is that Spanky usually covers toys on instead of making them. Don’t sleep on Spanky, he still gonna cover NYCC too!

I’m super happy that so many people like Mongolion that Super7 keeps making colorways. Unfortunately I don’t like this NYCC. At least I can save my money. I did sleep on the SDCC pink and glow in the dark swirl that I wish I bought, but I did find my most favorite colorway Mongolion ever on ebay for the same price (JADE MONGOLION!) so I compensated for my mistep. The one thing I do like is that Super7 always makes cool stickers of their characters too!

Following the success of SDCC’s Street Fighter, Family Guy, and South Park releases, KidRobot decides to drop Blanka and Kenney for SDCC that GLOW! GRRRRRR! Although they say 1000 made its gonna be sold out like hotcakes!

Well if you’re lucky enough to be at NYCC good for you. Don’t forget to check out the homies out their doing their thing: Mr. Munk, J*RYU, Angry Woeobts, Pixel Pancho, Marka27, KaNO, Jim Mahfood, L’Amour Supreme(I want a Mongolion sketch in my blackbook one day), and all the other guys making NYCC pretty dope.

Countdown to next July has already started!

If you haven’t heard KTC added Leilow to the list of Lightsleepers stockists. Word. Now I like going to Leilow for four things:looking at stickers, looking at records, anything KAWS, and chopping with Jules. Jules got all kinda knowledge about music, you just don’t even know. Well I’ve been meaning to write about his mixtapes that he’s been doing. They are super dope, eclectic, and great for driving in morning traffic on H1. Can listen to it From Kapolei to Downtown during rush hour and the day is already starting good. Well he mentioned that Stussy posted his “Light My Fire” mix online, but don’t sleep on the other three. You can buy them at Leilow. Support your local djs! PS. I can’t fit anything in the store, maybe a size 8 NewEra fitted but that’s all. And don’t sleep on his vintage stuff either! He knows how to be a picker!

Listen to DJ Jule$ “Light My Fire” mix HERE

A peak into Jules mind on hypebeast

Sidenote: I was watching Rachel Ray on 30 min meals while typing this and she making burgers and I swear she just said “Don’t F@ck with them!” on cable tv……say whaaaaa? My mind’s playin tricks on me!

(sidenote-I went to google a favorite food truck since I hardly take pics and i find B-girl Remedy in a Star Advertiser pic. win.)

Last night was Eat The Street. Today I got caught watching The Great Food Truck Rally 2 on Food Network. Crazy. Cool. Final winner was the Lime truck. I always tripped out that they had a clothing sponsor. Then I get jealous that we don’t sponsor a food truck (BUT I HOPE ELENA’S SPONSORS US! They feed us well!). But then I think about Hawai’i food truck culture. Yeah I wish we had the variety like in LA. I still didn’t have Kogi yet but our Gogi truck went up and poof(Livicated…I actually liked the kim chee fries and fried rice burritos with the fried egg). Never tried the og Grilled Cheese truck and our Melt just sits idle outside Easy Music Center never to grill again (for now…they doing pop up restaurants….eh…still gotta try VLounge pizza). I can’t say I have a favorite LA truck (I’ve only had Don Chow’s and a few nameless Mexican spots) and as for Hawai’i trucks my favs include Soul Patrol (pictured) Elena’s, Macky’s, You Hungry (they in the spot for Eat The Street but never opened for it) and Fairy Cake’s “Lola”(one letter change and you get LOFA. Big ass brownies!). But I gotta say as much as this “trend” is still going strong, Hawai’i always had food trucks. Manapua man was feeding Kalakaua right? Maybe. As a kid my school had one morning manapua truck and an afternoon truck. During intermediate and high school used to grind at the truck next to the Kewalos fishing boats and para-sailing tours. When I was working after I grad highschool my delivery truck driver used to bring me lunch from the truck on the Young Brothers docks (and I worked in a restaurant!). Point is food truck aint nothing new to Hawai’i, but how come so many non-trendy trucks can rock it long years yet the hipster trucks fall to the wayside? Elena’s rocks three trucks for ages serving hard working people, yet how many flash in the pan trucks ain’t rolling?

Back to the Lime truck. They won $100K and the homie was all “I gonna open a restaurant!”. Then I thought about it. Hawaii spots open the restaurant first then the truck. Go figure. Then again it does happen, Opal Thai out in Hale’iwa closed the truck and got a sit down restaurant. Whatever works right? Then again I wouldn’t want to go to a Macky’s restaurant….I make too much mess. Keep on truckin! See you at Eat The Street!