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(sidenote-I went to google a favorite food truck since I hardly take pics and i find B-girl Remedy in a Star Advertiser pic. win.)

Last night was Eat The Street. Today I got caught watching The Great Food Truck Rally 2 on Food Network. Crazy. Cool. Final winner was the Lime truck. I always tripped out that they had a clothing sponsor. Then I get jealous that we don’t sponsor a food truck (BUT I HOPE ELENA’S SPONSORS US! They feed us well!). But then I think about Hawai’i food truck culture. Yeah I wish we had the variety like in LA. I still didn’t have Kogi yet but our Gogi truck went up and poof(Livicated…I actually liked the kim chee fries and fried rice burritos with the fried egg). Never tried the og Grilled Cheese truck and our Melt just sits idle outside Easy Music Center never to grill again (for now…they doing pop up restaurants….eh…still gotta try VLounge pizza). I can’t say I have a favorite LA truck (I’ve only had Don Chow’s and a few nameless Mexican spots) and as for Hawai’i trucks my favs include Soul Patrol (pictured) Elena’s, Macky’s, You Hungry (they in the spot for Eat The Street but never opened for it) and Fairy Cake’s “Lola”(one letter change and you get LOFA. Big ass brownies!). But I gotta say as much as this “trend” is still going strong, Hawai’i always had food trucks. Manapua man was feeding Kalakaua right? Maybe. As a kid my school had one morning manapua truck and an afternoon truck. During intermediate and high school used to grind at the truck next to the Kewalos fishing boats and para-sailing tours. When I was working after I grad highschool my delivery truck driver used to bring me lunch from the truck on the Young Brothers docks (and I worked in a restaurant!). Point is food truck aint nothing new to Hawai’i, but how come so many non-trendy trucks can rock it long years yet the hipster trucks fall to the wayside? Elena’s rocks three trucks for ages serving hard working people, yet how many flash in the pan trucks ain’t rolling?

Back to the Lime truck. They won $100K and the homie was all “I gonna open a restaurant!”. Then I thought about it. Hawaii spots open the restaurant first then the truck. Go figure. Then again it does happen, Opal Thai out in Hale’iwa closed the truck and got a sit down restaurant. Whatever works right? Then again I wouldn’t want to go to a Macky’s restaurant….I make too much mess. Keep on truckin! See you at Eat The Street!