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If you haven’t heard KTC added Leilow to the list of Lightsleepers stockists. Word. Now I like going to Leilow for four things:looking at stickers, looking at records, anything KAWS, and chopping with Jules. Jules got all kinda knowledge about music, you just don’t even know. Well I’ve been meaning to write about his mixtapes that he’s been doing. They are super dope, eclectic, and great for driving in morning traffic on H1. Can listen to it From Kapolei to Downtown during rush hour and the day is already starting good. Well he mentioned that Stussy posted his “Light My Fire” mix online, but don’t sleep on the other three. You can buy them at Leilow. Support your local djs! PS. I can’t fit anything in the store, maybe a size 8 NewEra fitted but that’s all. And don’t sleep on his vintage stuff either! He knows how to be a picker!

Listen to DJ Jule$ “Light My Fire” mix HERE

A peak into Jules mind on hypebeast

Sidenote: I was watching Rachel Ray on 30 min meals while typing this and she making burgers and I swear she just said “Don’t F@ck with them!” on cable tv……say whaaaaa? My mind’s playin tricks on me!