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So it’s time for New York Comic Con. As a comic book follower back in the day I always thought comic cons were regional conventions that different people put together like when Wizard had Wizardworld in Chicago, LA, NY, etc. Well for me (and many others) there is only ONE Comic Con and it’s in San Diego (hopefully it continues to stay there). But the masterminds that built up the toy cultyard at SDCC decided why not make it happen at NYCC and for the past few years its been growing. This year many companies are making the trek to the Big Apple and I kinda want to go. If I have to decide between the two SDCC will always be a must go to, but if I can squeeze NYCC next year imma think realy hard. Here’s a few things that I actually like coming out from NYCC 2011.

I’m not that huge into customs but I gotta say I like J*RYU’s King Krab dumpster hermit!

My buddy Spanky Stokes threw everyone for a loop making his first custom resin release! I actually want this and I don’t collect resin pieces (I only got two different resins Jim Mahfood’s BeatBee and Angry Woebots Panda King severed heads). The loop is that Spanky usually covers toys on instead of making them. Don’t sleep on Spanky, he still gonna cover NYCC too!

I’m super happy that so many people like Mongolion that Super7 keeps making colorways. Unfortunately I don’t like this NYCC. At least I can save my money. I did sleep on the SDCC pink and glow in the dark swirl that I wish I bought, but I did find my most favorite colorway Mongolion ever on ebay for the same price (JADE MONGOLION!) so I compensated for my mistep. The one thing I do like is that Super7 always makes cool stickers of their characters too!

Following the success of SDCC’s Street Fighter, Family Guy, and South Park releases, KidRobot decides to drop Blanka and Kenney for SDCC that GLOW! GRRRRRR! Although they say 1000 made its gonna be sold out like hotcakes!

Well if you’re lucky enough to be at NYCC good for you. Don’t forget to check out the homies out their doing their thing: Mr. Munk, J*RYU, Angry Woeobts, Pixel Pancho, Marka27, KaNO, Jim Mahfood, L’Amour Supreme(I want a Mongolion sketch in my blackbook one day), and all the other guys making NYCC pretty dope.

Countdown to next July has already started!