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and whoever made the dope ish happen.

Well it’s Hiff time again and I always hope they top my favorite HIFF moment (meeting Kevin Smith after his discussion and having my ENTIRE View Askew collection signed!). This year they shooting pretty close. First they had a Hawai’i 5-0 panel that I missed (with Grace Park!). Then they had The Wonder Year documentary with 9th Wonder present and had an after party concert with 9th Wonder, Monarx, Prie, and KTC (went to the concert, missed the movie, waiting to buy the DVD….. big ups to DJ Delve and BumbleBee for saving the day!). But the biggest highlight for me was the 25th Anniversary showing of Karate Kid II. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Yeah its shot in my hood (Kahalu’u fishpond son!). Yeah Pat Morita and Ralph Machio kick ass. Yeah it has the “most homo movie scene ever” (Google it!). But when I heard Tamlyn Tomita was gonna be attending the showing you better believe I was gonna be there! I soooo have a crush on her (proof right here) and Anderson apparently has one too. Made this happen.

Hell yeah I was stoked. Even got my dvd signed!
Did you know its IMPOSSIBLE to find Karate Kid II on Blu Ray? I gotta start hunting now. Bra that chopstick out the hair scene during the tea ceremony still wins!

To make things better GRACE PARK was in the lobby at HIFF! Didn’t talk or take pics cus I got shook! (yeah I said it but after hearing all the storys about no photos what I gonna do?).

Make things worse KELLY HU was in the theater and I could have met her WHILE the movie was going on but my friend who drove me didn’t want to find her. I would have reimbursed his ticket price for missing the movie. Priorities. Sucks that I’m a nice friend I guess.

Tamlyn Tomita is CAN! STILL CAN!

Thanks HIFF!