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and it don’t stop won’t stop wilt nor sour! If you didn’t know I gotta say thanks to Wiz Kalifa??? Yep. Somehow Wiz, the promoters, whoever calls The Grouch to open for Wiz at the Blaisdell. Grouch decides let’s fly Eligh out since DJ Fresh gotta spin for the Wiz show. WORD!

Grouch earning hiphop hands from the keikis.

DJ Fresh also taught the keikis about turntablism and scratching behind your back with your shoes on your hands

Then Eligh showed up and ripped his song on the Chris Brown’s “Look at me now” beat. MURDER! Grey Crow! KAKAW!

The Grouch told me that the Taylor Gang dj told him that he was looking forward to meeting The Grouch because he played his music on college radio. Legendary Music!

The keikis. Don’t think I could find a seat if I wanted to…….

The next day Eligh rocked the Venue. Thanks Bart! Two nights of freshness. And back in Chinatown where I belong. And the sounds were WAY BETTER the second night. Haole sound guys didn’t know crap at Blaisdell (not local guys either).

The Venue got a ghost?

Nah it’s just the GROUCH! And my crappy cybershot. No SLR for me yet.

DJ Fresh rocking Tassho’s Flip The Bird hoodie with the classic record label logos. Shout out to Evan for the sick visuals. Space & Sound!

Doesn’t Eligh kinda look like Kat Williams small kine in this pic? Everyday I’m hustlin’!

Say G! G! G! G! & E! E! E! E! Word! Don’t sleep!