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I can’t believe I kinda don’t like browsing the interwebs now. A few years ago I drove miles to use someone’s free connection, today my office has not been visited for what seems to be ages. What is it, I dunno. I do know the more crap changes on facebook the more I’m hating it. I don’t wanna hear why nobody supports your stuff (most likely you don’t support my stuff so we even?) or see that you posted something that has nothing to do with me (like stand up paddleboarding? Fixies of the ocean. Copywrited!). Another thing I notice while I fail to update this bad boy is that I dislike tumblr and people with one picture one sentence blogs or posts or whatevers. Most of the time you stole it or just reposting. Why don’t you say why you connect with it (and more than “this is so legit, money, sexy, homo, or whatever adjective you use….totally rufus?) Just when I started realizing I haven’t been enjoying other peoples blogs for a minute I stumbled across the Stussy blog. (you read SkateNazi’s one I hope. He got some funny gems and killer skate pics. What a new Natural Koncepts vid! Word! Whattup Katch1!). I’ve never been there before but I did have fun trolling the archives looking for my homies. You know, Little Dragon, P-rod, Tokimonsta, Gaslampkiller, YEAH RIGHT!. But on the real I dunno who does it (garans its my homie cus they be taking pics where I be at) but I do like seeing my homies there. And MYSELF!

As much as I don’t go out its weird to feel at home in Chinatown. No drugs for me thanks.

Stealing this to post on the Dissizit fb page.

One thing they like is when someone reps the Stussy Tribe or rocks their gear (makes sense its the Stussy blog stupid!). I understand cus I get stoked seeing Lightsleepers stuff there. That kid on the side rocking the LS Army shirt went try for try with Sheckler trying to kickflip to flat and broke his board. Shecky landed, this kid followed.

I’ve been a fan for Stussy for a while. I still can do that Stussy oneliner too (correction its a two liner). I used to rock it back when I fit it, but now that I’m a sexy beast THEY DON’T MAKE NOTHING MY SIZE! And that sucks when they make dope shiz like that Marvel colabs (I SO WANTED THE DOOM SHIRT!) and the HNL tribe shirt with the South Shore breaks that I ACTUALLY SURF (I don’t live there but I surf like a townie and a Kapahulu Wall Rat!). Made my day to see it. Now to not check it for a few months so I can spend time later recaping stuff later. Shout out to the Stussy HNL tribe! Got any stickers?

If I ever get to this spot you better believe I’m gonna sidebust this HARD!