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How was your Thanksgiving? I had a pretty dope one! Followed by a dope Black Friday shopping experience. This year’s big grab for me was Big Bang Theory Season 4 for $8. My shopping adventure went like so, Best Buy Aiea, Waikele (F U! $5 parking fees my ass!) Target Kapolei, Sears Pearlridge, Fitted, Ala Moana Sears, Disney Store, Hallmark, and home.

The best part about Turkey Day is the Turkey. I got a free one from Foodland and a second one for about $5. I started late and the second bird didn’t finish cooking till after we started eating already. My fam devoured the first bird completely (first time ever) so a second bird was all leftovers. Unfortunately the people in my house loved my cooking so much they almost ate the entire second bird! I was all “how I gonna make turkey sandwiches?” My moms made ham for thanksgiving and I was all “why ham we got birds?”. But guess what…I love eating my ham sammies more than tom turkey ones! Blasphemy! Oh I enjoyed so much ham & cheese that I had to buy more cheese to go with the ham. Sadly both ham and bird no longer live in the fridge. They went swimming in the toilet. I still considering the idea of turkey again next week. Pass the miracle whip! (I like that stuff, it’s a haole thing but it got zip!). I also thinking about making meatloaf cus they make mean leftover sandwiches too!