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ok i slacked super hard on my postings so I try blast a quick one before Christmas Eve is pau.

Watched the Rainbow Wahine Volleyball team at Regionals. USC roofed them to victory. I laughed at every game because the sound guy always played Kreyshawn’s Gucci song. One big room, full of bad bitches indeed! (I mean that in a good way ladies! Congrats! Time to add another year to the banner!).

KTC & DJ EnJay dj’ed the b-boy/all styles battles at World of Dance Hawaii. While they watched the dance floor get heated me and 808AllDay Brandon got stuck listening to multiple wack djs try to drown the other soundsystems as their crews showed off their cars at Hot Import Nights. HIN SUCKED BALLS! Wekfest the week before was way better. HIN has sucked for a few years now (I used to go to all the car shows and I’m glad I stopped going!). This one guy came to the booth looking for some stickers to rock on his ride. He laced up his ride with LS stickers. Thanks! Shout outs to that guy that told me “I just wanna see Francine Dee!”. She didn’t disappoint her fans.

Suppose to give you the heads up on these but the homies went back to Japan today. These tiny donuts are filled with custard, cream cheese, strawberry, guava, chocolate, whatevers. They super good. Called Petite Custa Ginza. I gonna miss you Japanese geniuses!
While holiday shopping and you gotta eat at Ala Moana go eat at the Fat Greek! Gyros for days! Even Klash eats there! Seen him eating it before I ordered mine!

This year’s Tree Lights at Ala Moana wasn’t that great songwise. Coulda sworn last year choreography was way doper. And they don’t turn off the lights near center stage no more! BOOOO!

Highlight of the show is when they play the Brothers Caz snow song and MAKE IT SNOW IN THE MALL! It’s pretty fun. For the keikis it’s fun too I guess? HAHAHHAHAA

I was suppose to do a post about how I kinda like the new beer garden in Shirokiya. Whoever decided to revamp the upstairs is a genius! They got ramen battles and curry battles. I DID THE BLASPHEMY! I ate tantan not from GOMA IICHI (TEI YOU CAN SUCK MY BALLS FOR THE REST OF YOUR CHOMP CHOMP BITING LIFE!). Was from Tokyo’s #1 ramen spot. My girl said if I didn’t like tantan from there I won’t like true Japanese tantan. Maybe she right. CkaweekS said tantan is different there than Hawaii tantan. One more reason I love Hawaii. We also did the curry battle and I liked the Indian curry better than the Shirokiya curry when I ate the challenge, but when I went back a different day and ordered only the Indian curry I didn’t enjoy it as much. Maybe only in small amounts. It started off good but when I got toward the end of the plate I was kinda sick of the taste. I can’t wait for them to sell hamburger curry. I still like Curry House and order it with cheese.

That’s all for now. It’s Christmas Eve/Day depending on where you are. I hope you are having a joyus and wonderful Christmas. Celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus by popping fireworks! Nah just joke. But tell the people you love that you love them. Merry Christmas! With love, Lofa

Now I hope I can resume a normal posting schedule.

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