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Somethings you plan on changing, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. For some reason a trend for me is being a little late but yet still being clutch on time is continuing. Here’s my New Years post nine days late. Go figure. Maybe if this was life threatening or cost me heavily financially for being late this would have happened on January 2? Oh well. Here we go. Today’s subject:NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!

LOFA SAYS, EEEEEFFFFF UM! LOL nah on the real I really dislike resolutions. Why you gotta make resolutions only to be broken or not followed and make you feel like doodoo! Everyone makes the “lose weight” or “better attitude” or “make more money” or “get a girl pregnant” (ok that’s a joke to see if you reading) resolutions. When you stop eating them salads for loco moco plate lunches or bitching at your coworkers for not doing their jobs properly or whatever you vowed not to do for the new year you regret making the resolution.

Now I’m all about making goals, not resolutions. You make a goal, strive to attain it, and whatever happens happens. You reach the goal, cool, you don’t, no big deal.

While everyone was making resolutions this actually popped in my head and I decided if I was to make a resolution this would be it.

My first goal is to make French onion soup by hand! Here’s a pic of some french onion I ate in San Diego from the Yardhouse. I love this soup. I don’t know if I love the melted cheese on the top or the soup soaked into the bread or just my crazy love for onions (I think they my favorite veggie, but I hate when you eat choke and you can’t shake the bad breath!). Now its not common to find places serving it in Hawai’i, home to numerous Portagee bean soup or clam chowder offerings as a starter or oxtail (or turkey neck) soup as a main course. I can’t wait to make this myself. If I don’t make it my biggest regret will that it won’t be in my stomach! No negative repercussions. I do have temptations of buying the frozen French onion soup joints at Costco when passing the frozen section, but I gotta stand strong. Hopefully this week I’ll have some boiling on the stove! Fingers crossed!

My second goal for this year is to swim to the Kāne’ohe sandbar. I think for safety issues I’ll paddle out on my bodyboard, but pretty much all Sexy Beast muscle. I actually tried to eat at the new spot at He’eia pier on New Years Day but they closed for the holiday. Word. While there I ran into my art teacher and he caught a papio. Then while looking out to the sandbar I wondered why I never did it before. I remember when I lived in Kahalu’u talking to a few homies about how we couldn’t go to some sandbar party because we never had a boat hookup. During this recent visit it didn’t seem that far, so I put it on my list. I read somewhere that a few military guys kayaked to the sandbar for a Vertical Junkies rager and it took them 45 minutes. Now I’ve paddled to spots farther than the sandbar distance with bigger surf and or stronger currents so this should be no problem for me, right? Maybe I see Kala’i Miller rocking his hele? Or maybe the Queen Anne’s Revenge? We’ll see. For now I focus on the onion soup. What cheese to put on top is my biggest dilemma i think. Mmmmmmm. Cheese.

Happy New Year!

PS. I just looked for the sandbar on Google and holy crap!!!!